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Recap: The Heirs Episode 15

Episode 15 Tan cups ES’s face in his hands and softly kisses her on her forehead. R is outside. YD goes out to her, angry that R called ES here. YD says he is letting this one go now because ES told the truth herself. He is about to go in but MS comes out to try to distract YD from going in. Except other girls come out gossiping about the kiss and YD and R both find out. YD leaves, sad. R is about to go back in, and runs into HS. He asks why she is out here. R says she was waiting for HS, really wanted to see him. HS gets a call from HJ. She is mad that he didn’t take the entrance exams. His mom is looking for him too. He calls HJ over to the party so he can tell her why. At the Kim house, KA asks ES’s mom to keep an eye out while she goes to the chairman’s room and digs through his safe. She tries to open the safe with birthday passwords (Won, Tan, KA’s) but none of those works. ES’s mom goes all CSI on us and dusts the fingerprints. Turns out the passcode is Won’s mom’s birthday. KA looks a little disappointed. She finds an envelope. Has Tan and ES’s pics, as well as Won and HJ’s pics. I think she sees Esther and Yoon’s pics too. At party, kids are asking HS about his entrance exam. HS is lying about it. R comes in too so Tan goes to talk to her. R says she gives up on Tan liking her but she doesn’t want to see Tan happy. R goes to HS and kisses him. Shocked faces everyone. HJ comes in exactly at this moment. HS sees her. HS asks R if she is doing this to get back at Tan. She says just so his relationship with Tan gets a little weird. She admits to having no feelings for HS.. HS stops her and says he doesn’t either and kisses her. BN is pissed off for everyone ruining this party. ES is stumbling home with Tan following her. She calls him very handsome, Tan says stop being cute. ES: Kim Tan who keeps following me. Kim Tan who is suffering because of me. Tan threatens to just leave her there. ES: I’ve come to like you. She takes his hand. Tan blows on her hand to keep it warm. He gets phone call. Tan meets his mom at the hotel. She said it was an emergency. She has a plan. She wants Tan to apologize to R. It’s the beginning of a plan to make the engagement go on. Tan says he doesn’t want to return the engagement back to its place. KA says he is Jeguk’s second. Tan asks how about you. Can’t you just be Kim Tan’s mom? He leaves to go back to the room. No Won at home. HS, his dad, and mom. First it seems like they are being understanding about him not taking the exam. But they are just telling him he can do something he wants for one year and take the exam again. HS is disappointed and tells his parents they are suffocating him. Dad says you have a dream, but I have a dream too. Tan scolds HS about not taking the exam. HS says all the other kids are looking at them because of yesterday. Shouldn’t they be weird right now? But of course for Tan it doesn’t matter. He just sits next to HS. HS says he is sorry about yesterday. He just wanted to show someone something. At gym, girls come up to ES, made that she lied about being new money. They start ganging up on her but YD is here to save the day, again. He scares them away. ES thanks him for being her black knight. He says he is not, if he is, then Tan is a prince? Hehe, ES smiles. And they talk about HS. ES points out that they are talking like this without YD being mean to her. YD and Tan are washing the windows again. YD’s dad and Won are here. YD and Tan ask each other- did you tell, what about your grades, can you say I hit you? Meeting with JS. YD is 98th place. Tan is 100th place. Won gives him this look when JS tells him Tan is 100th out of 100th. Tan dead pans—he never has a middle ground. Meeting end. YD’s dad is glad that YD beat Tan. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Won chides Tan for doing so poorly. Tan is happy to see that Won cares. He thanks Won for coming. He leaves. HJ passes by Won. Won asks if HJ is having a hard time. HJ says its okay for now because there is now news out yet that she is an orphan. Won says there won’t be a report. HJ figures out that Won stopped that. KA meets Esther. She asks E to break the engagement. E says she doesn’t care what KA thinks or finds the need to talk to her about this kind of stuff. The Tan’s mom she knows is JS, not KA. KA says she doesn’t care what E thinks, since Tan and R are young. KA shows E the photos of her and Yoon. E calls it dirty tactic and then says she will break the engagement. School. HJ gives them a group assignment. BN and CY ask ES to be in one group. But at café later, ES finds out that she is in a group with YD and Tan. She tells them to watch the movie about the book. She will read the book. Instead of watching the movie, Tan and YD just watch ES at work. When customer is not nice, both get up but ES gives them a glare. Bodyguards show up to take Tan away. YD says Tan can ask for help if he wants. Tan says not today. He warns YD to not flirt with ES and then just leaves quietly with the suits. ES wants to go home so she asks YD to drive her. Tan is brought home. Dad is mad, Esther has sent back all the engagement gifts. KA says she was the one who called the engagement off. Dad yells at Tan for letting out the secret. Tan says how is this bad now for Dad since it will become a fight between Tan and Won now. Dad is about to hit KA again so KA stops him. Tan tells KA to stop calling him chairman at home. Back in Tan’s room, Tan asks if KA really called off the engagement. KA says yes. She did something for her son as his mother for the first time. He took her hand and pulled her out of the room. R is crying at home to her mom, angry that her mom agreed to breaking off the engagement. R says she liked Tan. E says she liked her ex-husband too, but they ended up divorcing. R calls her mom out on her treating her daughter like some new seasonal product. YD drives ES home. It’s a little weird with her holding onto his jacket but YD makes a joke about it. ES notices the suits in front of the house and figures out that Tan has been locked inside the house. YD confirms- “you’re not going to be able to see him even if you live inside the same house. ES thanks him for helping her. Says she will pay him back. YD says to himself- you don’t even know what I might ask for. ES’s mom asks how the house hunting is going. Is afraid that dad might attack ES next. ES texts Tan if he is okay but dad has his phone. Dad is talking to JS, KA, and Yoon. Orders JS to find another marriage partner for Tan. He tells KA to leave the house if she is going to raise Tan this way. He fires Yoon since Yoon didn’t take any sides. Unless, Yoon reeducates Tan. CY and Yoon talking about him being fired. CY is all supportive, even though Yoon is being vague about the details. CY asks if Yoon has any money saved up. Yoon jokes…”hmmm” Tan is pacing in room, trapped. Guards outside his window. KA knocks on Tan’s door. He has locked it. She wants him to open it, worried that Tan is not eating. Tan is unresponsive. Next day at school. YD comes up to ES- you came alone? Tan is still trapped? ES explains that Tan has security guards even at the staircase. YD gets mad that she is telling him all this. Is he her friend? Just because he likes her doesn’t mean he is on her side or Tan’s. ES says they are friends. YD says no and warns her not to cross the line. Back at home, guards are keeping Tan from going to school. Dad gives permission for the suits to hurt Tan if necessary. Yoon comes to see Tan. He has come to each Tan about business management. He is teacher now, not secretary. Tan says he has no interest at all. “You started teaching me at ten. I thought at that time it was strange. JS has a lot of shares, but my mom doesn’t. Concerned, I asked Won what mom can do to have more shares then JS. I saw Won’s face then. I can’t forget it. I’ve never wanted the company since then. It’s Won’s.” Lunch time. ES sits in front of YD. Because they are friends. YD is not pleased. Students runs in. Rumors are out about Tan being illegitimate. YD asks ES how many guards are there. Dad orders his lackey to release a news article and make Tan a major shareholder. JS gets notified by her brother about this. Won finds out too. YD is in front of Tan’s house, trying to get in. He has brought his own guards, uses his Zeus hotel status to get in. He meets Tan’s dad. Says he came to do homework with Tan. They have to watch a movie together, read a book, and write a report together. YD comes to Tan’s room. They bicker. YD notifies Tan that everything about Tan is out now. On the news too. Tan asks for YD’s help in getting out. YD says he will help jus because it puts Tan in debt to him. Tan asks about YD’s helmet. HAHahahahahaha. YD in helmet walks out of the house, distracts guards, and Tan uses that time to escape. Laughing my head off right now. Won is talking to Yoon. Yoon tells him he has been fired. Won offers Yoon another job, higher position in Jeguk I think. Tan rushes in. Yoon leaves. Tan to Won: look at me. Won looks: why, do I have to listen to you know. Tan: yes, I saw the news, please look and listen to me. Believe my truth. Won turns that down. Tan says he never asked for the stocks. How will Won believe him? Won tells him to leave for the U.S. again and never come back. Tan: How can you say that? I can give up the stocks but how can you say to never come back. Won says it is his truth. Tan can’t believe that Won is abandoning him again even when he said he will give everything to Won. Won keeps pushing it though so Tan responds that he won’t go. He won’t give the stocks to Won either. He just changed his mind. “If you want my stocks, then try to take them from me.” ES in front of Tan’s dad. Dad- giving you two choices right now. We don’t here anything here. ES coming out of Dad’s room, shaking. Runs into Tan. Have to just walk past each other but Tan grabs her hand for just a moment before he passes by without a word. LOVE this moment. Dad and Tan. Tan says he is not Dad’s son anymore, but Won’s enemy. He thought he could win over Won, and go his own way, and make peace at home but Dad has ruined everything today. Dad says he is doing this for Won, the group, for peace. Tan says he has lost his family today because of Dad. Now Won will never be family with his mom. Dad is also no longer his family. Dad says this is the weight of the crown that Tan has to bear. Dad had proposed to ES that if she gives up Tan now, he will send her anywhere she wants. If she can’t break up with him now, she can choose something else. He will give her 2weeks to see Tan as much as she wants. But at the end of 2 weeks, Dad will send her where he wants. Not someplace nice he threatens. ES knocks on Tan’s room. Tan opens door, surprised. ES quiets him and smiles. Ah, I want to cry. Awesome episode. VIA jooni
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thanks for the recap!!
I am so excited to waych it tonight
Thanks for the recap! Can't wait to watch it tonight.
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