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Did not see this coming!!! How is it that the decently good kiss on this show would come from the supporting characters and not the leads? So, the show may have rolled out a new ship ... Maybe? Rachel goes back into the party and has a confrontation with Tan. I suppose that just to get back at Tan, she kisses Hyo Shin in front of everyone. And who should arrive in time to see this? Professor Hyun Joo, who's as shocked as everyone present. The kiss breaks, and after a few words from Hyo Shin, he kisses Rachel this time, and he stares at Hyun Joo throughout this ... maybe to make Hyun Joo jealous? And this time, Rachel is dumbfounded by Hyo Shin's move. Bo Na is pissed and probably since this is the 2ndish time of the night that the the spotlight has been stolen from her and Chan Young. LOL.