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For a class assignment, Eun Sang has been grouped with the school's worst ranking students---Tan and Young Do. Heh. At her job, she pretty much babysits the boys. She has them share earpieces to watch a movie version of their assigned book. Rather than pay attention to the movie, they seem more interested in Eun Sang, and when a customer is rude, they instinctively get up from their seats. However, Eun Sang glares at them, giving them a non-verbal "I'm watching you" with her two fingers, and the boys sit back down. LOL.
me gusto mucho esa escena :)
A no easy task to 'eye' over those bad boys..
hhhhhhh cute
I love this drama now, it's almost finish, finally we'll see tan business skills, hopefully better than won..then beat his own father, teaching a good lesson. .cheer kim tan..
oh man! i really need to watch this, looks good@
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