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"Heirs" Episode 15 Closing Scenes + Episode 16 Video Preview
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
This’ll be the first time I say this word: DAEBAK! Episode 15 was just that for me. The surprises are heavy, bromance is in bloom, and the triangle has moved on. Like clock, subplots that involve business power grab tend to bore me, but I don’t mind it this time. It helps various storylines to move forward, especially because personal relationships are more at gamble. It’ll certainly be in more focus on the next episode. Reporter: Is Kim Tan coming to school? YD: Don’t ask that kind of question. (She is/ I am) going to get hurt. Reporter: Who are you? YD: I’m the third son of Jeguk. MS: I’m the youngest daughter. Dad: How far will you ruin Tan? ES: As much as the money received (can’t hear clearly). Tan: Do you even like me? Do you even believe me? ES: What am I supposed to do then? I’m so scared. Tan: Don’t be hurt in a place where I am not at. If you do that, I will really go crazy. Won: Did you hear about the president being fired? Was the reward promised by dad my position? Tan: Can you hold her here? There is no one else but you. ES: What are you doing? YD: Getting revenge for you. The suspect is in here. Won: Don’t let your guard down. Tan: I will use my everything to protect her. It’s a warning to never touch her.
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gosh...the episodes r getting into all of us, kinda gripping and more 'action-packed' what with power fuse involving related n unrelated personnel; the unlikely buddies pair up and more..gosh the writer is the one who daebak!