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SBS’ Wednesday – Thursday drama, “The Heirs” was rumored to extend two episodes. However, SBS has confirmed that it will end as planned. On November 21, a representative of SBS stated in a phone interview, “The drama will end with 20 episodes. I think these kinds of rumors start when the ratings go up, but nothing has been discussed in relation to this issue.” A representative affiliated with one of the cast members on the drama also confirmed saying, “We have not heard anything about an extension. As far as we know, the drama will be filmed until its last episode on December 12.” After its competing drama, KBS 2TV’s “Secret” marked its end, “The Heirs” which aired on November 20 recorded a 20.5% in ratings, jumping 5%. Netizens gave mixed responses in relation to the rumor. What do you guys think?
@SuraniMH1 that's a great idea! would love to see Eun Sang and Kim Tan with kids and as a continuation of season 1
Let us continue to support this 'Heirs', perhaps, if by popular demand maybe a sequel/ season 2 in the making.....at different 'era'....perhaps....
this makes me sad but I still love the show ^_^