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Actor Gong Yoo recently revealed charismatic pictorial taken in Jeju island. Gong Yoo, who is on the cover of fashion magazine Singles December issue, unveiled his illusory pictorial in the background of Jeju island with its sunny climate. His agency explained that his fans, both domestic and foreign, started to preorder the magazine on the internet to get his new pictorial. Before his new movie named “The Suspect“‘s release, Gong Yoo commented, “It was a totally new experience for me to film a movie for 9 months straight. Also it took about 6 months to get ready for release. Overall, the movie already entered its second year. Our director says that now it’s time for him to pull his own weight, but I personally feel the responsibility, too. We’re a family now. The closer the release date gets, I feel more and more nervous.” He also added, “While filming ‘The Crucible‘ in the past, I had mixed feelings of happiness and anxiety deep in heart. I had no idea that a movie could have such a big influence. I just read the novel, and then it came up in my mind that I would love to do something to spread this. I could not imagine it would turns out like this, though. A movie can give some consolation to those who had to experience the absurd and those who are in pain. It should be also noted that this can protect another person from experiencing similar situations.” His new pictorial taken in Jeju island and full interview will be found on the upcoming December issue of Singles as well as on its website starting November 22.