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I arrive late on set today. Not something I normally do, considering the amount of grooming it takes to turn me into a smooth businessman. It’s incredible what this role has done for my image as a sulky suffering fool. The company rep told me to consider more rom-coms as a result of this. I can’t stand rom-coms - they are like chick flicks multiplied by 16 episodes. I rather go through 30 rounds in the ring with Chang Jun than sit through that. “Late today?” Coordi-noona doesn’t approve. I forget her name. I am about to growl something about monkey suits when she comes in. “Hyesun-unni, dress Oppa up extra handsome today please, it’s our last day.” Hyo Jin drops me a grin and wink. She seats herself next to me in the make up chair. She’s already in costume, and she tips her chin up to study her bare face as she waits for the makeup girls to do their thing. She catches me watching. I look at my own reflection. Damn teenager hormones. Haven’t been caught ogling a girl since I was 15. “Did you sleep well, Oppa? I got maybe, 4 hours, which is pretty good, right?” She doesn’t seem to have noticed. “God, do you ever stop chattering.” Even my idiot mouth has become a teenager’s. I’m embarrassed and she’s not exactly hurt, but just offended at my grouching. “Alright, aegi-ya, I guess I got my answer about how much you slept. Just keep the thunderclouds on your side of the line.” She slashes her hand in the air between our chairs, defining our territories. I deserve that. I just acted like a pre-schooler. It’s not like I can explain that I didn’t sleep. It was the final shooting day of the most successful drama I have ever done. Over 20% of the viewing population in South Korea. I should be ecstatic. I should be celebrating the incoming contracts. Instead I want to punch someone. Final shoot, closing party, and farewell ready-made-excuse to hold Hyo Jin close. I am that far gone. Link here: http://mywebfoot.tumblr.com/tfg
lol..loved it!! Aaawww!!
Cracked me up! I can picture SJS in this entire scene. LOL