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Here's a sampling of some head-scratching color commentary by some of the more animated characters broadcasting football games. Mostly Jon Gruden though, cus he's the funniest by far; 1) "You soften the box and prepare it to go balls deep." -Jon Gruden 2) "If there's just one irreplaceable player in this league, Rogers is one of them." -Jon Gruden 3) "That's what I'm talking about a catch radius" -Jon Gruden 4) "Chris Long.......Alshon Jefferies" (??????) -Jon Gruden 5) "You know what I'd wear if I was a Bears fan? a shredder." -Jon Gruden 6) "That effort to the pylon was impressive by Martellus Bennett" -Jon Gruden (on a lunge for the first down, NOT a TD- theres' no pylon Jon) 7) "I worked with Trestman, back when...I don't know where". -Jon Gruden . 8) "St. Louis is...looking for...more productivity out of......(3 second pause).......Chris Johnson." (Chris Johnson is not on the Rams) -Marv Albert 9) (Talking about Case Keenum) "He walks into the huddle like a samurai" -Chris Collinsworth (maybe my number 2, such a doofus) . 10) "A mess in Miami... A mess in Tampa... and we will see both of them next Monday Night" -Mike Tirico- the man sure knows how to sell ESPN programming 11) "You have to play run 100%" (Patriots threw for an 81 yard TD on the play.) -Phil Simms 12) "This playbook is filled with offense" -Jon Gruden
I've actually never felt more educated watching football than when Gruden commentates. Without fail he mentions several really interesting things that I never would have noticed if Dicknuts Jaworski were still doing color
commentators are there to give insight, describe the action on field, and make the viewing experience more pleasurable for fans. He may not do the first two very much, but the third he does in spades, more than enough to make up for any shortcomings. #GrudenGrinders4TheBoyz
A lot of his were out of context I remember them trust me he's the man
Jon Gruden is by far the best announcer the NFL has had in a long time
he should be fired, excommunicated, and sent back to Yemen