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Cosplayer Jonathan Stryker has thrown a 'Disney week' for his fans on social media, attempting to bring to life the fellows we have enjoyed on the screen. And boy did he succeeded. Here's his instagram.
Goddamn cosplayers 😍😍😍😍😍
Amazing job!
Bruh 😍😍😍 That's not aloud 😂😂😂
I think his Milo one is my fave! Epic job my dude!
If any of these come out live don't even cast he has the job👌hands down
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To be precise, this is the fourth brand to launch a 20W diode laser engraving machine. Let's take a look at the timeline: first is the Atomstack S20 Pro, second is the xTool D1 Pro, third is the Atezr P20 Plus, and fourth is the Sculpfun S30 Pro Max. We've covered the first three, so now I'll focus on the new 20W laser. Sculpfun S30 Pro Max inherits the frame design of its predecessor Sculpfun S10, but the color of the frame changes from light blue to dark blue. The same frame is equipped with three different power laser modules: 5W single laser module corresponds to model Sculpfun S30, 10W dual laser module corresponds to model Sculpfun S30 Pro, 20W quad laser module is the highest configuration, known as Sculpfun S30 Pro Max. I remember well that Atomstack equipped their flagship model, the S20 Pro, with an air assist and air pump, which was well received by customers. This may have become a trend, and I felt at the time that other brands would definitely follow this strategy in the future. Now we see a similar air-assist system on the Sculpfun S30 Pro Max, which allows carvers to blow away fumes and dust while carving or cutting, reducing the surface temperature of the material for beautiful results. Many customers have given me feedback that no matter what brand, the lens of the laser module may be damaged. This is because there may be particles attached to the lens. When the laser passes through the lens, the particles will refract or diffuse the laser light. If the temperature is too high, the lens will break. But don't worry, Sculpfun in the new package is equipped with replaceable lenses, which solves consumers' worries. It is worth mentioning that this time Sculpfun has equipped its S30 series with two versions of expansion kits. The original engraving area is about 400*400mm, you can purchase the Y-axis expansion kit to expand the engraving area to 935x400mm; purchase the XY-axis expansion kit to upgrade the maximum engraving area to 935x905mm, which will help you better handle large-area engraving or cutting work. Since it is a main cutting function, the R&D engineers of Atomstack are sincere. It has a built-in air assist system, which greatly improves the use experience, making the cutting surface clean and reducing burn marks. On the other hand, if the customer purchases this device, there is no need to pay for additional air assist. In terms of the working area, the S20 Pro has been upgraded to 400*400mm, and it also supports offline work, copying files to the TF card, and working through the touch screen. In addition, the APP that comes with Atomstack will also be applied to this new machine for the first time. In short, this is definitely the most important semiconductor laser this year, representing the most advanced technology, you deserve it!
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