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"Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis resigned after his minority government was shaken by the biggest loss of life since the Baltic country gained independence more than two decades ago. Dombrovskis said he wasn’t asked to resign and made the decision today during his meeting with President Andris Berzins after reflecting on “my moral and political responsibility” for the disaster. Speaking to reporters in the capital, Riga, after the announcement, the premier said he won’t lead the next cabinet and will likely return to parliament, calling for the new government to secure a majority in the legislature. Dombrovskis, 42, has been prime minister since 2009 and helped guide his country of 2 million to the European Union’s fastest economic growth and the brink of euro adoption next year. The roof collapse on Nov. 21 in Zolitude, a suburb of Riga, killed 54 people in the country’s deadliest accident at least since the former Soviet republic won independence in 1991. The toll included rescue workers who had rushed to the scene." Apparently the roof of a Maxima XX store collapsed after a warning alarm for smoke and fire was not heard over the construction of a new parking garage. Clearly a shitty disaster, but I'm not sure why this necessitates the Premier resigning. He was probably looking for a reason anyway and just took his out
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i'm with you, this makes no sense they should be uncorrelated