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Hello, this is Yonghwa! Who made this!???!??????????? I’m surprised……. huk ㅠ,” Yonghwa tweeted yesterday, along with a picture that contains the question of the psychology-test. The question was “You went to a company’s dinner. If you’re the last to enter, where will you sit?” and the answer will relate to leadership styles. There are four available choices: “Next to the highest-ranking senior”, “Next to your coworker friend”, “In front of the senior right above your rank” and “You are the boss”. Surprisingly, Yonghwa chose “In front of the senior right above your rank”. As explained in the answer sheet, that option matched with Jung Yonghwa-type of leadership, always polite and friendly – a type who manages his own network well but has no interest on dominating the leadership. A moment later, Yonghwa sent another tweet that said, “I’ve just came back from Osaka’s concert^^ Now I’m home hihi Everyone you watched my drama live right? Now only 1 more week left ㅠ Please keep on supporting Vice President Park! Also, beware of the colds ~!!! Ps. For the previous tweet, I’m Jung Yonghwa typeㅎㅎ,” asking fans to support Park Saeju, his role in KBS’ drama “Marry me if you dare.” CNBLUE are currently in Osaka for their 2013 Japan Arena Tour concert “One More Time” and just released their first best japan song album “Present” on November 26.