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So this week I wanted to go with a group that has changed a lot along the way. By this I mean, they’ve lost a lot of members, gained a new one, and have a completely different color scheme. The group I’m talking about is Alphabat! Heck, I thought they were broken up at the beginning of this year but they actually just had a comeback. After at least 7 members leaving the group, Alphabat had a comeback with the three remaining members and a new member who’s stage name is k:appa!
This was the first song that I actually heard by Alphabat and I fell into absolute love with them! This song was on constant repeat for ages!
This is their debut song which comes in at 2.1 million views and that makes me sad :( I had a lot typed in this section but vingle just deleted everything I typed because the app refreshed and no I’m even more sad because I can’t remember what all I had said 😭
In case you haven’t seen this yet, here’s their most recent comeback with the three old members and the new one! It’s a pretty good song and I’m sure you’ll like it. It does have a different concept compared to AB City and TanTara, but it’s still a pretty good song 😊
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