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Happy Birthday Ruby!

I love you Ruby you and your older sister Dia are my best girls! I wish you happy birthday and GANBARUBY!

Anime Obsession Crew!

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My Story - How and Why I got into Anime. Thank You
Before I started to watch anime I loved your nomral shows you watch on Netflix, and Regular cable (still being in love with disney movies) I never really knew what Anime what or did I have the slightest clue that it even existed.....Then one day in my JUNIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL people started asking about what Anime shows I liked, and I could never really answer them because I didn't I asked some of my friends who loved anime what I should watch and when I went home I was gonna try a series. (me after starting to watch anime) These were the first two that got me into anime Rosario + Vampire & Fruits Basket Fruits Basket was also the first manga I read and finish. So why do I like Anime? I don't know about you guys but my parents (my mom and her boyfriend) Do not like the fact that I talk about it so much....They even go "turn it down, put headphones in, or turn it off" to me it makes me feel that they're embarresed of me and they want to to not like the things I like. The reason why I love anime so much is because it relaxes me! Reguardless the Genre I like what I like, its helped me out so much with escaping reality and to live in a fanatsy world where the characters taht can relate to me. Not only that I've met so many friends through anime Through here on Vingle and in real life (like for real i have a group chat on my imessages called Idol Hell) and I've even met a girl who was born on the same day as em and we're so much alike (not twins bc she's a year younger than me). To me my world Revolves around anime while still liking some of the normal TV shows. Loving Anime Brough Me to This Community! Seeing so many ads on facebook to join Vingle . I tell you I never though of joining a anime community before I joined Vingle because I though I was the only one out there that like this sort of stuff. Joining the train to Anime Hell I got to meet so many people and even meeting my online best friend @AimeBolanos I Just Want to Say Thank You Seriously you guys are all amazing and I'm glad to have known you all! You guys are what makes a anime community so special for me to be in and I'm so glad I got to meet every single one of you! ❤️😊Thank you 😊❤️ Anime Obsession Tag Crew! Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. Thank you! {A} - @AdriancezMercell @AimeBolanos @AnbuRose @AnimeFreak484 @AnimeLove300 @animerg13 @AustinThurston @assasingod {B} - @BloodStrider @bubblebug {C} - @Choppabelle @CarlosVega006 {D} - @DragonShaow @DripDrop {E} - @EmilyPeacock {F} - {G} - @GilMaritsa @GhoulGasterIRL {H} - {I}- {J} - @JustinDiaz {K} - @KingHamura {L}- @LeaEsterline @Lilura @Luna7 @LostKing23 @LostMage {M}- @Mordope @MorganAlys {N} - @Nyxxonn {O} - @OtakuDemon10 {P} - {Q} - {R }- {S} - @SimplyAwkward {T} - @TruffleTurtle @Tsuna545 {U}- {V} - {X} - {Y} - {Z} - @ZeleniaMoon @ZombieDragon {Do Not Copy Tag List}