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Located in an enclosed bay off Stocking Island, Angelfish Blue Hole is a strong tidal marine cave. It is at all times completely filled with salt water and heavily influenced by strong tidal influences. It reaches a maximum diving depth of 92 feet (28 m). Entered through a submerged sinkhole at 30 feet (9 m) depth in an enclosed bay, most of the passages are lens based and situated in 92 to 100 feet (28 to 30 m) depths. Two deep pits are located at opposite ends of the cave and extend from 75 feet (23 m) depths to more than 200 feet (60 m). These pits are intersected by a fault line cave system running north to south beneath Stocking Island. Small grottos, decorated with abundant stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and rimstone dams, are found in numerous lens based passages that lead west. While no guarantee, during your dive trip you may encounter a school of hose-eye jacks that circle around the entrance to the hole. At the same time you may encounter humpheaded parrotfish dart past. The bay that Angelfish blue hole is located in, is home to a school of eagle rays and turtles. They will often pass by the blue hole during your dive trip. The Blue Hole is famous for sponges, barracuda, corals, and its namesake, the angelfish. To top off your trip to this majestic cave, you may be encountered by a school of sharks that have been known to patrol the hole's edge.