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Favorite Ship with Jooheon

So... this weeks theme for Monsta X is favorite ship/bromance and this may come of as a shocker but my favorite ship for Jooheon and Monsta X is honey pup!
That last gif though is absolutely me! I love the relationship between the two of them. I think it’s very cute and adorable and I just really love this ship! 🌟Monbebe Tour Guides🌟 @Changkyunie @ArohaMonster @cns1391 @Helixx @Polarstarr @InfiniteKiss @AkiraMarie13 🐢🐝🐹Monbebe🐶Safari🐰🐻🐺 @JaxomB @KenyaMendoza @VeronicaArtino @MaggieHolm @Starbell808 @MoniManhiM @InfinitySky @crookedshadow @AngelaDarkness @sukkyongwanser
I’m sorry cause I just thought of a really smutty video of them and ugh just seeing this makes me thinking about it again idk how tho
@MaricelvaRomero what’s innocence? That’s been out the window for ages
@Chankyunie 😂 okay then do you have KakaoTalk
@maricelvaromero I do! I believe my KakaoTalk id is AtomicPurified
These two are so cute together and Minhyuk looks like he's taking care of his younger brother in the first two ;)
My heart!!
They're funny! Especially Minhyuk! Who doesn't love Minhyuk?!
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