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A still cut of Seungri's first kiss scene for Japanese mobile drama, 'Yubikoi Kimi Mi Okuru Message' has left fans squealing in delight as well as out of jealousy of actress Miori Takimoto! In the Japanese mobile drama distributed by UULA, Seungri plays the role of Han Seung Ho who enters college student Mi Woo (Miori Takimoto)'s house as a home stay student from Korea. Mi Woo helps out Seung Ho, who is still struggling with writing Japanese, to converse with his first love by writing his text message for him, but they start to fall for one another instead. A rep commented, "Seungri acted both with nervousness and confidence alongside the actress in front of the 40 staff members who were watching... Seungri showed a totally different side from his active image on variety shows as he showed his serious acting. We anticipate Seungri's charming acting as an actor." Seungri also said, "Since this is my first kiss scene, I was really nervous. But Takimoto was so cool. It is a very important scene in the drama, I wondered if I had to kiss during the camera test as well, but to my surprise, I got an OK quickly so that was too bad," as he laughed. He added, "I brushed my teeth three time prior to filming. My heart was racing throughout [the filming]." 'Yubikoi Kimi Mi Okuru Message' will premiere on December 4!