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"I promised that I would save her life." Gye Hyang contracts syphilis and Jin Hyuk wants to save her. But the only way to do so is to make penicillin to cure her. By doing so, Jin Hyuk might change the course of history and make irreversible damage.... Watching her suffer is unbearable though. Jin Hyuk decides to cure her... On the other hand, Gye Hyang is also in trouble as Myung Soo's men [the Korean noblemen] are intent on finding her. Gye Hyang had contracted syphilis because she had slept with a white guy whom Myung Soo's men had introduced to her... Myung Soo's men cannot afford for this to be revealed to the public! They look for Gye Hyang to torture her. Meanwhile, Gyung Tak tells his father his true intentions - he wants to marry his fiancee Young-rae quickly. 약속을 했습니다. 반드시 살려 주겠다고! 역사 때문에 죽어가는 환자를 두고 볼 수밖에 없는 현실이 괴로운 진혁은 마침내 마 음을 바꿔 페니실린 연구를 재개하지만, 계향을 둘러싼 진실이 밝혀질까 두려운 양 반세력은 기어이 그녀를 찾아내 극심한 문초를 가한다. 경탁은 아버지 김병희에게 자신의 정혼자인 영래와의 혼인을 서두르고 싶다는 뜻을 전하는데...