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In The Heirs, episode 15, Han Ki Ae(played by Kim Sung Ryun) broke off Kim Tan(played by Lee Min Ho) and Yoo Ra Hel(played by Kim Ji Won)’s engagement for him. Ki Ae met with Lee Esther(played by Yoon Son Ha) and said, “Let’s break this engagement.” Esther laughed and said, “I’m the one who breaks first, don’t you think? What kind of situation is this? Tan’s mother I know is the chief director of Jeguk High School. Hope we don’t see each other again.” Just then, Ki Ae handed Esther a photo of her kissing with Yoon Jae Ho(played by Choi Won Young) and said, “I’m sorry. I have no choice but to do such a cruel thing like this for my son’s future.” Esther was surprised and replied, “Wow, how unclean this is. You’ve been having a background check on me? Fine. Let’s break the engagement. Into pieces.”