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In The Heirs, episode 15, Choi Young Do(played by Kim Woo Bin) was embarrassed even after having a higher grade than Kim Tan(played by Lee Min Ho). Jung Ji Sook(played by Park Joon Geum), the chief director of Jeguk High School, called Kim Won(played by Choi Jin Hyuk) and Choi Dong Wook(played by Choi Jin Ho) to her office to discuss about Tan and Young Do’s low grades. Ji Sook said to Dong Wook, “Do you know what grade Young Do got? He was placed the 98th of 100 students.” Then she turned to Won and continued, “Tan was place the 100th.” Won asked, “You mean 100th out of this country?” Ji Sook replied, “100th out of 100 students in the second grade of Jeguk High School.” Tan shyly said to Won, “I don’t go in between, bro.” Young Do was worried that his father would yell at him for such a low grade. However, Dong Wook said, “I guess your IQ doesn’t go well with your grades. You won Tan for the first time, huh.” Young Do was embarrassed to hear this.