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In The Heirs, episode 15, Kim Nam Yoon(played by Jung Dong Hwan) threatened Cha Eun Sang(played by Park Shin Hye) for seeing Kim Tan(played by Lee Min Ho). Nam Yoon found out that Tan and Eun Sang were dating, and locked Tan up in his room to stop them from seeing each other. He also called Eun Sang to his office area and said, “If you break up with Tan today, I’ll send you anywhere you want. It can be somewhere in the provinces, or it can be America, England or France. Anywhere you want.” He also added, “If you can’t break up with him, then there’s also another option. You can see him as much as you want for fifteen days. But if you do so, you’ll be sent to somewhere I want you to go. Of course it wouldn’t be in Korea, and it would be somewhere very different from America, England or France.” Eun Sang came out of Nam Yoon’s office feeling extremely confused. She went upstairs to Tan’s room and knocked on his door. As Tan opened the door, she put a smile on her face.
omomo...eun sang have plan to let go kim tan...i hope no...fighting
I love it... she is putting on a brave face for poor Kim Tan. She sees how much he is hurting! Sad and sweet scene!!;)
fifteen days? only tonight. We r confused too.