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Boyfriend MJ

So, for this week in Astro, we wanted to do something Boyfriend like for the boys. So from me this week, expect this card and JinJin's on Friday! For my cards this week, I wanted to do what I thought a date would be like with both JinJin and MJ!

*A Date with MyungJun*

So, we all know that MJ is the sunshine of the group and I feel like he would want to do something super fun but also child like. By saying this, he would probably take you to a claw machine area, and try to win you as many stuffed animals as he can!
I can totally see MJ winning a Jake adventure time plushie and just running around and screaming at the top of his lungs that it's "Adventure Time!" Like listen, he would be the cutest thing ever.

So, because I can see him wanting to do something childish, he would want to have dessert before dinner and would take you out to get ice cream. So, as you two are looking at the flavors, he spots this super super SUPER colorful ice cream, and decides that is what he is getting you both.
So, I'm a yankee guys and I call this ice cream superman ice cream! Just imagine how excited MJ would be, to be eating such a colorful ice cream named after a popular super hero! I think he would be pretty dang excited.

So, after winning you prizes from the claw machines and getting you ice cream, MJ would take you back to the dorms and probably have requested Eunwoo to cook something simple and to get some Disney movies ready for watching. Your date night with MJ would turn into a date night with all of Astro, eating Homemade Macaroni and Cheese (listen I loved this growing up and now I want to make Mac&Cheese but I can't run to the store right now so now I'm sad) with Hot dogs cut up in it while sitting back and watching Moana(and other disney movies)!

Listen, I know it probably looks gross, but it is amazing when you make it with velveeta cheese, pasta shells, and you don't even have to have hot dogs in it! It's just something my family has always made and it's quick and simple and super kid friendly in my opinion. You can't go wrong with Mac and Cheese y'all. Ok, but you can because even I ruined homemade Mac and Cheese last year... Whoops.

After watching Moana, Beauty and the Beast, and half of Mulan 2, you all had fallen asleep. Well, most of you. You would be curled up into MJ, and he would just be staring down at you, looking at you lovingly being so glad to be able to call you his.

Listen, I am not MJ biased(bias wrecker is another story), and I know this isn't the best scenario out there for MJ, but like. This would still be a really cute relationship and I would be so happy and would love this to death.

~We don't exactly have taglist yet because we were just doing this for fun, but if you would like to be added to our Astro cards that we make, please comment down below!~
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