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Korean Thanksgiving Treat: Songpyeon!

Don't these look delicious?!

Next week on October 3, Korean Thanksgiving, called Chuseok, will begin! People will go visit their families and eat a ton of stuff like Songpyeon~
They're typically made to be in a half-moon shape because Chuseok is a lunar harvest celebration and the moon is a big part of it!

They're filled with delicious things like sesame seeds and honey, sweet red bean paste or chestnut paste, all steamed over a layer of pine tree needles (song in songpyeon means pine!)

My favorite Korean youtuber will teach you how to make it!

For the full recipe: visit maangchi!

Actually, she just uploaded a more recent version (better video quality lol) thanks @ivyheart13 for letting me know!
I wonder how weird my family would think I was if I brought a plate of these to our Thanksgiving reunion this year. 😗
she actually just released a new video making songpyeon again
omg watching right now! and I KNOW she makes me crave korean food so badly hahaha
just went on a binge of her videos so hungry now lol excited to try some stuff out thanks for the new suggestion !!!!!
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Are you ready to learn Korean vocabularies with TWICE!? Follow the numberd words and learn simple words with SOOBAK! 지금 하늘 (1)구름 색은 tropical, yeah 저 (2)태양 빨간빛 네 두 볼 같아 Oh tell me, I'm the only one, baby I fancy you, I fancy you, fancy you It's dangerous 따끔해 넌 (3)장미 같아 괜찮아 조금도 난 겁나지 않아 더 세게 꼭 잡아 take my hand 좀 위험할거야, 더 위험할거야, baby 달콤한 초콜릿 아이스크림처럼 녹아버리는 지금 내 기분 so lovely 깜깜한 우주 속 가장 (4)반짝이는 저 별 저 별 그 옆에 큰 네 별 거기 너 I fancy you 아무나 원하지 않아 Hey, I love you (Love ya) 그래 너 I fancy you 꿈처럼 행복해도 돼 'Cause I need you (What?) Fancy you 누가 먼저 좋아하면 어때 Fancy you 지금 너에게로 갈래 Fancy 매일매일 난 정말 아무것도 못하네 oh my Mayday 이러다 큰일 낼 것 같은데 Bang bang 머리가 홀린 듯 reset이 돼 어쩌면 좋아 이게 맞는건지 몰라 S.O.S Swim swim 너란 (5)바다에 잠수함이 돼 매일이 birthday (6)달콤해 너와 나의 fantasy Dream dream 마치 꿈같아 볼 꼬집어봐 요즘 나의 상태 메세진 랄랄라 baby 달콤한 초콜릿 아이스크림처럼 녹아버리는 지금 내 기분 so lovely 깜깜한 우주 속 가장 반짝이는 저 별 저 별 그 옆에 큰 네 별 거기 너 I fancy you 아무나 원하지 않아 Hey, I love you (Love ya) 그래 너 I fancy you 꿈처럼 행복해도 돼 'Cause I need you (What?) Fancy you 누가 먼저 좋아하면 어때 Fancy you 지금 너에게로 갈래 Fancy 연기처럼 훅 사라질까 늘 가득히 담아 널 두 눈에 담아 생각만으로 포근해져 몰래 뒤에서 안아 널 놓지 않을래 거기 너 I fancy you 아무나 원하지 않아 Hey, I love you (Love ya) 그래 너 I fancy you 꿈처럼 행복해도 돼 'Cause I need you (What?) Fancy you 누가 먼저 좋아하면 어때 Fancy you 지금 너에게로 갈래 Fancy (1) 구름 - cloud Pronunciation: [ku reum] (2) 태양 - sun Pronunciation: [tae yang] (3) 장미 - rose Pronunciation: [jang mi] (4) 반짝 - twinkle Pronunciation: [ban jjak] (5) 바다 - sea Pronunciation: [bada] (6) 달콤 - sweet Pronunciation: [dal kom] ASK ANYTHING TO SOOBAK!!
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SOOBAK is back with a hottest song!! This song is ranking #1 in almost every chart right now in Korea. And as you see, SUGA produced the song! :o Learn simple vocabularies by looking at the numbered words with SOOBAK :) 지금 너도 같은 (1)기분일까 (2)이상해 너랑 둘이 오랜만에 걷고 있는 이 밤 좀 어색해도 난 여전히 너의 것이니까 (3)미안해 내가 너무 매정했지 진짜 겁도 없이 I don't know i don't know 아마도 그땐 너가 날 달래줄거라 믿고 뻐팅긴거야 너 하나 없어지고 모든 게 무너져서 멍한 표정으로 아마 집을 한 채 지었어 난 점점 발걸음이 무거워 못 걷겠어 이대로 널 보낼 순 없는데 입이 안 떨어져 i know 우린 사랑해서 We don't talk together 여전히 난 너인걸 Why don't you 인정하기 싫은걸 Why don't you 보낼 수가 없는걸 우린 너무 사랑해서 (4)아니 내가 사랑해서 나는 너무 자각했어 현실을 시간이 다가오고있어 너를 보내야해 난 우회전 좌회전 고스트레잍 사분전 아진짜 돌아버리겠어 (5)이별은 너무 아프지만 너를 놓아버리겠어 아니 너를 놓기 싫어 치료하면 되지 아픈것을 나아 버리겠어 (6)우리 자주갔던 카페 여길 돌면 일분안에 너의집 우회전 좌회전 도착 i know 우린 사랑해서 We don't talk together 여전히 난 너인걸 Why don't you 인정하기 싫은걸 Why don't you 보낼 수가 없는걸 집에 도착 "잘 지내" 하면서 돌아선 너 다시 우리 사랑을 찾아야 해 이별을 막아야만 해 우린 사랑해도 We don't talk together 멀어져만 가는 널 Why don't you 보낼 수가 없는 걸 Why don't you 잡을 수도 없는 걸 (1) 기분 : feeling Pronunciation: [ki bun] (2) 이상해 : weird Pronunciation: [i sang he] (3) 미안해 : I'm sorry Pronunciation: [mi ahn he] (4) 아니 : no Pronunciation: [ani] (5) 이별 : farewell Pronunciation: [i byul] (6) 우리 : us Pronunciation: [woori] Ask anything to SOOBAK :p
Faking It On Valentine's Day
Here's a really cool idea for Valentine's Day: FAKE IT! For real! Guys can be either really lazy about V-Day or over-think it and determine to learn new skills, such as cooking, on one of the biggest hyped calendar dates in the year, February 14th. That's probably not the best approach to making the date night more than being memorable for being bad. Instead of trying to bake a cake or cookies, or dare yourself into making fudge, you could avoid a messy crisis and make your own Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. TRUST ME, IT'S EASY! You Will Need: Strawberries (washed and thoroughly dried) Candy Melts (pink and white) Chocolate chips (semi-sweet is best) Edible gold Edible glitter Edible embellishments (there's time to order from Amazon) Directions Melt the Candy Melts and chocolate (according to the package) in their own container/bowl. Dip strawberries into desired bowl and set aside. Drizzle a different color "melt" onto the dipped strawberries. Also, redip the strawberries in another "melt" at the tip and immediately dredge in edible glitter. Set these in a tray in the fridge and take out to de-chill a few moments before eating. These are fruity, gently sweetened with the chocolate and melts, and will look AMAZING with the edible embellishments! Who is going to do this for their Special Valentine!?!?!?! @InPlainSight @BeannachtOreibh @nicolejb @ChriSingularis @ButterflyBlu @Arellano1052 @alywoah @AkashBhojraj @jordanhamilton @MichelleHolly @caricakes @marshalledgar @VeronicaArtino @TessStevens @shannonl5 @NerukaWong @humairaa @buddyesd @TerrecaRiley @danidee @BluBear07 @thePinkPrincess @EasternShell @seouls @matildajgarrett @RobertMarsh @1FallenAngel @alyssastano @Adrienpie @RaquelArredondo @Luci546 @BivianaaChavez @Lushisushi @Danse @DeepakAswal @luna1171 @JPBenedetto @deefran @RogueLeigh @myguardian @Gacrus @MissB82 @Lizzeh @Kyokeo @Emealia @paulisadroid @ShinigamiSan @CurrySoop @baileykayleen @DestinaByrd @ChelseaAustin @xojuliettexox @netchtiBates @aabxo @KellyOConnor @Kamiamon @parktaemi @arnelli @NickySerban @visions2020 @JimTurpen @PrinceCampbell @2Distracted @Dynamo @VKookie47 @medley24 @ZackMcLaughlin @MoisEsGaray @KeziahWright @pppfittu13 @washmydishes @eoin8899 @amobigbang @LAVONYORK @orenshani7 @Alletaire @funnella @DamariusKelley @MariPili @InspirationalMe @Beeplzzz @SamratGolhar @MajahnNelson @hikaymm @AnimeLove300 @SeoInHan @TensaZangetsu98 @carmaa10 @cindystran @AshelyJewell @MaighdlinS @JamiMilsap @xDaisyDaysx @IMDEEPINIT @LisaMarissa @Emmeronsage @LemarDeco @Ash1998 @LessThanThree @TracyLynnn @KaiTakashima @saraortiz2002 @Zxenna @MelissaMae @atmi @Helixx @VanessaSimmons @JessicaChaney @mArshadKhan @MarvelTrashcan @MarkoKaRiambo @VarunNambiar
How Digitisation Of Workplace Processes Help Companies Optimise Resources
Technology advancements are reshaping organisations and their culture, making the workplace processes streamlined and exceptionally integrated. In the current times, technology is not just helping in making things better and faster, but they are also enabling profound changes in the ways of getting work done in companies. In the current times, businesses operate in a world of increasing complexity characterized by higher data volumes, faster business cycles, and demanding customers. In this volatile climate, a competitive disadvantage arises due to traditional business models, processes, and skill sets. In response, many enterprises are taking on the road to digital transformation to help drive revenue growth, enhance the customer and employee experience, manage risk, and improve productivity. Earlier, organisations were dealing with lots of paperwork and travel expenses incurred on client meetings, among other facets of work life. The communication and operational matters are simplified with the generous help of new technology. Mobile, cloud solutions, and advanced in-memory solutions are creating new possibilities and opportunities for organisations. These new solutions are helping them develop innovative processes and work models to stay competitive in the industry. Digitisation of workplaces has taken centre stage in becoming the heart of any organisation, playing a significant role in shaping perceptions and experiences of employees as well. The pervasiveness of digital technology encompasses every aspect of a business, from customer experiences, talent hiring to business strategies. Digital technology in workplace processes has brought convenience and ease along with it by providing benefits for better speed, accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. The integration of technology with human efforts optimises work and also makes for a complete experience. Automation of work, enhanced safety measures, use of digital technology is imperative. Workplace culture, employee experience has become the heart of companies and helps in enhancing productivity and efficiency. Digitisation comes with significant advantages to increasing accessibility of information, documents related to a particular project, and modifies overall operational processes. Many product and service-based companies are introducing innovative solutions to help boost the workforce’s performance, and one such prestigious company is Sodexo. They have established a legacy of unparalleled employee and organisation support, providing employee benefits in India over the past 22 years. With the tremendous need for technological solutions, they have brought all employee benefits and rewards on a single digital platform by introducing multiple solutions such as Multi - Benefit Pass. It offers exclusive benefits and tax savings and helps save up to Rs 75,000/- per annum*. The future of workplaces is carried out by management’s vision ensuring substantial growth. HR professionals encourage learning and empower employees by creating an agile, collaborative, and adaptive teams for innovation and creativity. In turn, employee experience serves as a key to driving success.