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http://dp.sina.cn/dpool/video/pad/play.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fvideo.sina.com.cn%2Fv%2Fb%2F120482881-2404073172.html Tan drags Eun Sang out of her room and takes her into the pantry. He's upset that she didn't return to the Myung Soo's studio like he told her to earlier. She nods when he tells her to listen to him, and then, he kisses her. The kiss is on par with Hyo Shin and Rachel's make out session, which means it's much better than the rooftop kiss. However, Eun Sang still looks a bit scared doing it. LOL. Anyway, they cap the kiss with an embrace.
still such scene is on teenage couple and by the way ES being a teen girl does not seem to like it or maybe not knowing how to...but then for KT, well we all know he's a 'expert'!
Looks like a much better kiss than the rooftop one. Thank goodness! ;)
Oh a lot of kissing scenes and skin ship at this drama