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Creamy Vegan Garlic Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes
INGREDIENTS 3 cups grape tomatoes, halved 10 ounces whole wheat pasta (such as penne, linguini or fettuccini | Use less if you want a higher sauce:pasta ratio) Olive oil 2 medium shallots, diced 8 large cloves garlic, minced/grated Sea salt and black pepper 3-4 Tbsp unbleached all purpose flour (or another thickener of choice)* 2.5 cups unsweetened plain Almond Breeze (you could also sub up to 1 cup with veggie stock) INSTRUCTIONS Preheat oven to 400 degrees and toss tomatoes in a bit of olive oil and sea salt. Place cut side up on a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes while you prepare the rest of the dish. Then set aside. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and cook pasta according to package instructions. When done, drain, cover and set aside. In the meantime, prepare the sauce. In a large skillet over medium-low heat, add 1 Tbsp olive oil and the garlic and shallot. Add a pinch of salt and black pepper and stir frequently, cooking for 3-4 minutes until softened and fragrant. Stir in 3-4 Tbsp flour (or other thickener of choice – see notes) and mix with a whisk. Once combined, slowly whisk in the almond milk a little at a time so clumps don’t form. Add another healthy pinch of salt and black pepper, bring to a simmer and continue cooking for another 4-5 minutes to thicken. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed. (Optional: You can also add a few shakes of vegan parmesan for extra flavor at this time if you wish.) If you want an ultra creamy sauce, transfer sauce to a blender (or use an immersion blender) to blend the sauce until creamy and smooth. Place back in pan and reduce heat to a low simmer until desired thickness is reached. Once the sauce is to your desired thickness, taste and adjust seasonings as needed. Then add pasta and roasted tomatoes and stir. Serve immediately and garnish with extra black pepper, fresh basil and/or vegan parmesan cheese.
面白いプロジェクトがNYCで着々と進んでいるようです。 その名もLinkNYCと呼ばれ、これから12年間で市内の7,500カ所で公衆電話を充電OK、電話OKのwifiスポットにしていくプロジェクトのようだ。(すべてが既存の公衆電話をグレードアップしたものではない) 東京にあったら絶対に重宝されるであろうwifiスポット。その利便性やいかに。 以下がそのwifiスポットの概要だ。 (ギズモードより引用) 高さ9.5フィート(約2.9m)のLinkNYCスタンドには、たとえ500人のユーザーが一斉に接続しても十分な帯域を確保するという、1Gbpsの高速通信が可能な無料Wi-Fiホットスポット機能を装備。同時にスタンド本体には、Androidタブレットが埋め込まれており、だれでもインターネットを無料で利用できます。ちなみにタブレットそのものがビデオ通話できる公衆電話になって、ダイヤルすれば無料のIP電話ができる仕組みになっていますよ。おまけにスタンド下部には、USBケーブルで各種モバイル機器を無料で充電できる設備まで整っていますね。 冬になると、ケータイのバッテリーも消耗するのがはやいし、出先でバッテリーがないなんて致命的。まじで本当に致命的。充電できるスタバを探したり、トイレの個室でコンセントがあれば頑張って差し込んだり・・・いや、きっとみんな経験があるはずだ。これは、救世主になる。 総工費は見込み2億ドル。 どっからそのお金を賄うのか?と疑問に思うだろう・・・それは、 広告だ!このwifiスポットとなるスタンドに広告スクリーンを出し、設置から維持までの資金を得る。 これぞサスティナブル!このスタンドへの接触は多いだろうし、出したい企業も多いだろう。おまけに人が長く居座らないように椅子などは作らないという。あえて居心地のいい空間にはしない。デザイン面でも学べそうだな。 公式ページ: 他の記事:
How COVID-19 Impacted on the Global Collagen Market in the Food & Beverage Industry ?
COVID-19 Impact on the Global Collagen Market in the Food and Beverage Industry ANALYSIS ON IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE GLOBAL COLLAGEN MARKET COVID-19 has positively impacted the global collagen market with increased sales of the supplements. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), maintaining a good and healthy immune system may help in early recovery from viruses such as coronavirus. For that, people are advised to preserve vitamins, proteins and micronutrients in their bodies. Collagen is one of those supplements that help in maintaining the protein level in the human body. Keeping the current lifecycle in consideration, the amount of collagen produced in the human body is relatively weak. Thus, people have started opting for collagen supplements, increasing the demand for collagen-based accessories globally. There is a growing demand for collagen in the sports nutrition industry. Collagen is added to the supplements to maximize performance and leads to bodybuilding, increasing the prevalence of food supplements in athletes. Food supplements help the body maintained shape with an attractive physique. Thus, the increasing use of collagen as an ingredient in supplements for sports athletes has maximized collagen usage, leading to the increase in the extraction of collagen in the market. As a result, the key market players started to introduce a variety of sports nutrition containing collagen protein due to growing demand and its health benefits. For instance, · In April 2021, Reneva collagen drink launched a new product formulation and found a green apple flavor. It is packed with 10 grams of collagen peptides that help to enhance lean muscle gain, muscle strength, boost metabolism, and increase fat loss in combination with moderate exercise. · In September 2019, Vital Proteins launched Vital Performance, a collagen-based sports nutrition product tailored to meet the functional needs of athletes. · In August 2018, Advanced Protein Technology introduced a new line of collagen-based products named Nutra Collagen. This is built on the advanced quality of purity, quality and functionality. Thus growing demand for sports supplements will further fuel the demand for collagen in the market in the coming years. As per IRI (Information Resources, Incorporated) data, the demand for various dietary supplements has increased in the U.S. market. Since March 2020, the sales of accessories rose by 6%. There has been a rise in the demand for vitamin-C supplements and protein supplements by more than 100%. The declaration of dietary supplements as "essential" business has maintained the supply of these nutrients. AFTERMATH OF COVID-19 AND GOVERNMENT INITIATIVE TO BOOST THE GLOBAL COLLAGEN MARKET As COVID-19 has increased the demand for collagen and collagen-based supplements, a gap has appeared between the supply and direction of the product. To maintain the balance of supply and demand, various countries' governments are taking multiple and essential steps towards it. Moreover, after the outbreak of COVID-19, the consumers have become more conscious about the intake of food sourced from an animal. The majority of the population globally is turning vegetarian or either vegan, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. With the growing awareness regarding the health benefits of consuming plant-based products and also about supporting the environment and animals with the consumption of plant-based collagen substitute products, the demand for an animal-based collagen-based product might shrink in the coming years. After the COVID-19, consumers are opting for vegetarian food and plant-based products, even plant-based meat, as they got more inclined to lead a clean and healthy lifestyle, which may restrain the market in the coming years. During the worldwide pandemic, the demand for health and dietary supplements has peaked up sharply. But at the same time, supply has been impacted because of limited manufacturing. Compared to traditional food manufacturers, the dietary supplement companies face huge supply chain problems due to shipping and manufacturing problems compiled with the increase in demand. The government is making many changes to handle the impact. For instance, · The Chinese government has accelerated the e-commerce trade among cross- borders and has launched new models to increase FDI. For this, the government has implemented a policy for VAT exemption, consumption tax and levied corporate income tax for retail export goods in specified zones. The tax exemption and other subsidiaries will help increase the number of imported goods in the local market. Local retailers will be encouraged to open up businesses in those specified zones known as the CBEC zone. · The Brazilian government published a resolution eliminating import taxes on medical products based on collagen. STRATEGIC DECISIONS FOR MANUFACTURERS AFTER COVID-19 TO GAIN COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE Due to higher demand, manufacturers have to make strategic decisions to maximize their profit and proper supply. Some of the strategic choices include acquiring with overseas manufacturers to regularize an appropriate collection of the products. For instance, · In June 2020, Nestlé Health Science (NHS), a global leader in nutritional science, decided to acquire a majority stake in Vital Proteins, America's leading collagen brand and a lifestyle and wellness platform offering supplements, beverages and food products. · In January 2020, Halma Plc acquired NovaBone Products, LLC ("NovaBone"), a designer and manufacturer of US FDA-approved synthetic bone graft products and collagen solutions. · In July 2020, Collagen Solutions Plc (AIM: COS) announced that it has entered into a new three-year agreement with NovaBone Products ("NovaBone"), a designer and manufacturer of the U.S. FDA-cleared synthetic bone grafts. This strategic decision among the critical player collagen market amid the pandemic will further escalate the growth of the collagen market in the coming years. Furthermore, various collaborations are expected in the coming years, further driving the market in the forecast year. PRICE IMPACT After the outbreak of COVID–19, it is most likely that prices for supplements such as vitamin C and protein-based supplements will rise. As per the experts, the increasing demand will lead to a rise in the prices for a shorter duration, but it will increase. The impact of price rise will affect the spot- buyers at the supply chain. Also, it is expected that companies that are 100% price-driven will face increased prices with a lack of goods. Compared to other commodities, collagen-based supplements are already sold at higher prices and by this pandemic, the prices have gone up. IMPACT ON DEMAND COVID-19 breakout has increased demand for various supplements such as protein supplements and vitamin C. Some of the accessories have even witnessed the increased demand by many folds due to the growing focus on healthy and robust immune systems. Collagen-based supplements are required for proper growth, especially in infants and kids. As during COVID-19, it is challenging to obtain the necessary amount of collagen from other sources. Thus, people prefer to overcome collagen deficiency with the help of collagen supplements such as pallets, tablets and capsules. IMPACT ON SUPPLY CHAIN Due to the pandemic condition worldwide, the manufacturers have done several changes in the supply chain of the product. In countries as India, the government has added the dietary supplement such as collagen-based supplements in the list of essential products. Thus, it is an on-selling product in the market during the COVID-19, but as the country is running under lockdown, the manufacturing has impacted the supply chain at almost every point. The product is already available in the market. Still, the consumers are not buying due to the fear of getting affected and on the other hand, some people are ordering the product, but due to the lack of delivery partners, the products are not reaching on time to the consumers. In many regions, overseas contract manufacturers are being contacted, but they ask for higher prices and air freight expenses. This has also impacted the overall supply chain of the product. However, e-commerce is playing an essential role in providing collagen-based sports nutrition. Despite the hurdles, e-commerce and private label saw a sharp rise as the industry braced itself for the second wave of the pandemic and beyond. For instance, · According to Nutrition Business Journal's "2020 Supplement Business Report," demand for the nutritional supplement has been grown is they are expected to grow at 61.4% in 2020. Further online sale is expected to reach USD 10 million in 2023 in which online sales of nutritional supplements will acquire 19.6% of sales by 2023." Thus pandemic has shifted the consumer shopping interest and forcibly satisfied with online shopping and thus resulting in a considerable share from e-commerce websites. The boom in online / e-commerce platforms has had an enormous effect on the market's supply chain as it provides greater flexibility, convenience to the consumer. This also helps maintain a better social distancing compared to traditional store-based retailers or supermarkets. Globally, after the lockdown, Google's search for food delivery services rose by 300 %. CONCLUSION As COVID-19 has affected most businesses around the globe, the market of collagen and collagen-based supplements has seen an unexpected rise in demand. With the growing concerns about the robust immune system to minimize the chances of coronavirus, the collagen-based supplements market has gone up. But at the same time, due to shut down in most countries, it has also adversely affected the supply of collagen. Along with this, the increased demand has also resulted in a hike in the price of collagen. The government and the manufacturers are taking various measures to maintain the supply-demand balance in the global collagen market.
썸에서 연애로 가기 좋은 데이트 장소 (ft.껍데기집)
'내 딸의 남자들2' 핫한 언니 미자! 미자 언니가 알려주는 연애로 가는 꿀팁! 소개팅(미팅) 성공을 위해서는 한식보다는 일식, 은은한 장소, 그리고 실내! 그래서 우리 미자언니가 선택한 장소! 일식+은은한 분위기+ 실내 = 이자카야! 분위기 좋은 이자카야에서 절친과 2:2 미팅을 한 미자언니 훈내 쩌는 변호사 도훈씨와 꽃미모 뿜뿜하는 미자언니의 운명적인 만남! 연하보다는 연상을 외치던 미자언니에게 다가온 연상남 도훈오빠! 털털하기만한줄 알았던 우리 미자언니! 잠재됐던 내숭 폭발 (미팅남들이 잠깐 나간 사이에 음식 폭풍 흡입한건 안비밀) 분위기 은은하고, 조용하게 즐길 수 있는 이자카야에서 만남은 에프터로 이어지고 에프터에서는 한적한 장소가 좋으니 한적한 공원에서 야경 바라보며 대화 하기! 두 사람은 서울을 한 눈에 볼 수 있는 공원에서 산책하며 대화! 두 번째 만남을 얘기했고 두 번째 만남은 취미를 공유할 수 있었던 서울숲 공원 데이트 날 좋은 어느날 급만남한 미자언니와 도훈오빠 베드민을 치기로 했는데 ... 이와중에 우리 미자언니 기럭지 쯘다아 ♥ 장난치기 시작하며 더 편해진 두 사람 미자언니는 내기를 제안하는데 ... 이에 물러서지 않고 꿀밤?! 딱밤?! 고르라는 도훈오빠 손가락으로 딱밤 때리자는 말에 "진짜 아프다"는 도훈오빠 ... (결국 미자 언니가 졌다고 한다 ... 이마가 빨갛게 부어오를 정도로 딱밤을 맞았다고 한다 ...) 운동후 배고 픈 두 사람이 찾은 곳은 껍데기 집! 여기서 나온 미자 언니의 꿀 팁 껍데기집 (고깃집)을 가면 연애로 이어질 가능 성이 높다고 >< (그럼 ..저도..껍데기집을 이용해 볼께요 ...) 껍데기는 항상 나중에 굽던 미자언니 BUT 도훈오빠만의 철학이 있었으니 ...! 삼겹살과 껍데기를 함께 올리고 껍게디다 익을 동안은 삼겹살 먼저 흡입 그리고 마무리로 껍데기를 호로록 보기만해도 군침 넘어가는 비주얼 ....! 껍데기집에서 데이트를 마친 두 사람은 어떻게 됐을까요? 두 사람의 이야기가 궁금하다면? 매주 (토) 밤 10시 50분 E채널 <내 딸의 남자들2>에서 확인하세요 :) 두 사람의 이야기는 Youtube에서 영상으로 확인 할 수 있습니다
フランスの首都パリで起こったこの恐ろしい事件。タイムラインでリアルタイムで何が起きているのかわかる記事がBBCで公開されています。BBCのLive Reportingに行くと、事件が起こった当時から現在までの出来事を時系列で見ることができます。 <BBC-Live Reporting> 'Je suis Paris' (わたしはパリだ) この言葉は、 'Je suis Charlie' から来ています。(2015年1月7日、風刺週刊誌「シャルリー・エブド」本社で12名が亡くなったテロ事件後、亡くなった方への追悼の意・連帯、表現の自由や武力行為への反対を表するものとして 'Je suis Charlie' を掲げる人々が多く出現した。) 他にも、#PrayForParisというタグもTwitterなどSNSで広まっているようです。 現在は、世界中のあらゆる都市、例えば、シドニーのオペラハウス、上海のオリエンタルパールTVタワー、ニューヨークのワールドトレードセンターやサンフランシスコのシティホール、ニュージーランドのスカイタワー、ロンドンのトラファルガー広場など、追悼の意と団結を表してフランス国旗の色(トロコロールカラー)で明かりを灯しています。 少し遅れて、日本では11月15日日没から23:00までトリコロールカラーで東京タワーを点灯する。 参考サイト: BBCの最新情報(日本時間2015年11月15日17:15現在)では、129名が死亡、352名が負傷したと報道されています。 このテロ事件当時の夜からTwitterでは、以下のような#porteouverte (ドアは開いているの意)というハッシュタグが出現し、家に帰宅できない人や観光客などにパリ市民が自宅を開放するという動きがある。 「to all my followers in France, there is a safety shelter at #PorteOuverte !!! STAY INDOORS」(@schoolboy5SOS) 出典: こちらのマップでは、自宅を提供している場所がわかるように情報提供している。 日本国内では、パリの詳細な状況を知ることができる情報が圧倒的に少ないような気がします。国外のBBC、ABCニュース、ロイターなどではニュースがゲットできます。 日本語版ロイター: 個人的には、BBCが一番見やすく、詳細なような気がしています。 Facebookでは、友人の安否情報を確認できるサービスを13日スタートしました。 これは画期的でSNSがインフラになっていることを証明しているようです。わたしもこのサービスのおかげで現地にいた友人の安否確認がすぐにできました。 東日本大震災でも安否情報の確認にTwitterが活躍しました。日本でも何か起こったときに、パリのような迅速な対応をできるように企業も政府もあらかじめ準備しなくてはいけないのではないかと思います。
국제 알 권리의 날
국제기념일 국제 알 권리의 날 (International Right to Know Day) 9월 28일은 ‘국제 알 권리의 날’(The International Right to Know Day)이다. 2002년 불가리아에서 알 권리에 대한 인식을 높이기 위해 제정되었다. 당시 미국, 멕시코, 루마니아 등 15개국이 동참했다. 불가리아에서는 해마다 각 분야에서 대중의 알 권리를 위해 기여한 대상을 선발해 시상식을 갖는다. 수상자에게는 투명하게 열린 정보를 뜻하는 황금열쇠 트로피를 수여한다. 반대로, 알 권리에 대한 존중이 부족한 대상에게는 언론 통제의 의미를 가진 자물쇠 상을 건넨다. 알 권리는 개개인이 정치·사회 등 공공의 이익과 관련된 정보에 자유롭게 접근할 수 있는 권리를 뜻한다. 이 용어는 1956년 미국 AP통신사의 쿠퍼(Kent Cooper)가 저서 ‘알 권리’를 출간하면서 본격적으로 사용되기 시작했다. 오늘날 알 권리는 표현의 자유와 더불어 민주적인 사회의 필수 요소로 강조되고 있다. 대한민국은 헌법 제21조를 통해 표현의 자유를 보장하고 있다. 여기서 자유로운 의사 표현은 자유로운 의사의 형성을 전제로 한다. 따라서 충분한 정보 접근이 가능해야 비로소 자유로운 의사 형성이 가능하다. 즉, 알 권리는 표현의 자유와 불가분의 관계다. 이를 위해서는 정부 기관 등의 정보 공개가 필수적이다. 한국은 1998년부터 공공기관의 정보공개에 관한 법률을 시행하고 있다. 또한, 언론의 역할도 매우 중요하다. 사회의 각종 정보를 전달하고, 부조리한 사회 문제를 밝혀낼 수 있어야 한다. #국제기념일 #국제알권리의날