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B1A4 Get Drunk and Sing Loudly

A new trend has popped up of having idols drink and eat a lot and then once they're drunk enough, they make them perform their most recent track.

No surprises here, but no amount of alcohol could make these boys sound bad. Jinyoung's falsetto is just WHAT?! Unreal. All 5 of them are literally dropped from heaven.


please note that sandeul continues to eat and almost misses his turn to sing cause his mouth is full. lmao.
side note: I'm not super pumped about this series since I think it just reinforces the drinking culture in Korea (and for people like C.NU who get Asian glow, too much alcohol can actually lead to cancer) BUT its all in good fun and perhaps it will promote people being fun and responsible while drinking instead of drinking til they black out? idk im rambling i will stop lmao im such a mom

Compare their tipsy live to the studio version and tell me they're not perfection:

If you haven't watched Sunmi kill it singing Gashina, check it here!
I love listening to them but the idea.of the show.isn't good.
Im sorry but this IS the definition of PERFECTION
I thought like getting drunk before a music show or something. B1A4 is the last group I would expect to drink tho, I mean they are all smol so..I'm not a fan of drugs or alcohol but I guess if they are having fun...
omg this reminded me of when EXID did this with "hot pink" and "night rather than day"😂😂😂
this was absolutely beautiful. OMG their voices are just perfect
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