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Get to Know Y

I honestly cannot believe this member in Golden Child.
The second Oldest member of Golden child is known by his stage name Y.
His name is Choi Sungyoon His position is Vocoalist and Dancer. Born: July 31st 1995 Zodiac sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac sign: Pig
A few things about Y:

He has been a trainee for 6 years The stage name he picked is Y because he wanted to show he was the center figure in the group

Another thing that some people have been noticing-
The more you look at him in a natural setting the more he looks like a young version of Kooki from Bts.

He does look like Kookie.....but shouldn't be Kookie looks like him as Y is older? Hmmm...
😂😂😂 your right it should he that way. I guess with knowing kooki longer it feels like the look started with him.
*still NOT getting in to this group*
so cuteee~!!!
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