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Nicknamed the "God of Shinobi," Hashirama Senju was a power that was said as mythical as that of the Sage of Six Paths. Even the great Madara Uchiha repeatedly said only Hashirama was strong enough to ever stand against him (and beat him). So who was Hashirama Senju? Hashirama Senju was the oldest of 4 brothers. By nature, a relaxed idealist, Senju detested the war-like nature of the shinobi. Growing up in a system where shinobi were hired to constantly wage war against each other, Hashirama saw how it devastated everything around him. War took 2 of his brothers, so he sought to reform the entire system. In a chance encounter, he met Madara Uchiha in the woods. They soon became friends and started to plan their dream to create a new village system that would have shinobi from various clans train and work together. This dream eventually became Konoha Village. Before the dream could become reality, however, Madara demanded that his trust be won over. He demanded either the death of Hashirama or that of Tobirama, Hashirama's last brother. Choosing himself over his brother, Hashirama almost committed suicide before Madara stopped him. So the Uchiha and Senju finally joined. Unfortunately Madara defected and left the village. He challenged Hashirama again, and Hashirama was forced to defeat and kill (or so he thought) his old friend. Hashirama's abilities ranged from Wood Style (no other know user) to his own brand of Senjutsu. His power was deemed so powerful that he was able to combine both wood style with Senjutsu to create powerful enough wood creatures that could stop even the Nine Tails (kyubi). Hashirama's strength, however, were only said to be surpassed by his unyielding will of Fire, and his compassion for others. Never seeking any personal glory (he insisted Madara be first Hokage), Hashirama always sought to forgive past mistakes (such as forgiving Orochimaru for using him) and look towards peace. I hope you guys enjoy the clip of his fight with Madara, which is the only video that has him fighting on his own. The other video is of him fighting the 3rd Hokage but under Orochimaru's control. If you have any questions about Hashirama, please feel free :)
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Hashirama proves that one should always be careful of the happy-go-luck types cuz when they mad, lookout! XD