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[UPDATED] Chapter 13: Stupid Cupid
11 hours back...

"About time!!" Rica commented as I enter the pub. She was seated in theVIP area sipping on a cocktail. I could tell she was annoyed and I don't blame her as I was supposed to be here 30 minutes ago.

"Hey babe, so sorry last minute crisis at work and I had to take care of it" Isaid apologetically giving her a hug before sitting down on the other side of the coach.

"So what's new? Seems like you have much to say judging from that OMG call earlier" I humor. Rica brighten up, I knew she was just waiting for me to ask.

"Ok Ok I'll tell you..." Rica jumped in all excited. "Guess who I bumped into today?"

I gave her a blank look coz I couldn't think of anyone in all honesty.

"JACKSON!!!"Rica squealed in excitement.


"Really Nat ...Really!!?? Rica said giving me that you-gotta-be-kidding-me look.

"Pretty Boy ...GOT7...Jackson Wang...ring a bell? Rica continued rolling her eyes in disbelief.

Only then it hit me, "OH OH! Of course I remember" I said laughing. "My bad, I honestly didn't expect Jackson Wang"

"Having said that, he will be joining us after sometime" Rica added.

"Wait, What! He is coming here?" Not that I don't want to meet him but thechances of Pretty Boy coming along got me a little nervous.

Well for one, the last time I saw him was on my front pouch that morning about 2 years ago. We did keep in touch but eventually, the hi-hellos became lesser until I changed my number and never contacted him again. Don't get me wrong, as much as I wanted to, I knew better. We had different paths in life and I did what I thought best.

He did come to spent last Christmas with his grandparents where I was supposed to join then but I couldn't make it due to work commitments. We had opened up a new branch in Seoul and I had to settle it down. Ok, maybe I could have made it somehow but I chose not to.

Why bring up the all those emotions again right? Letting go once was more than enough, I wasn't risking my heart again. I did not trust myself not to waver if I meet him again.

Coward? Iguess I am.

What's with you? You don't want to meet Jackson? Rica asked confused seeing my reaction.

"No,No...of course I want to meet him. I was just surprise" I replied quickly.

Rica gave me a knowing look and smiled, "Don't worry Nat, I told Wang not to tell Mark he's meeting us".

AllI could do was smiled back meekly. Rica and Jess knew about my feelings for pretty boy and why I did what I did. In the beginning they tried to talk to me and encourage me to go along and see what it will eventually lead to but they understood how I felt later and let it go. But yeah, that did not stop them from trying to set me up with several guys. They even convinced me to go for couple of blind dates they had set up which of course, was a disaster. Eventually they gave up seeing how pointless it was.

"Ok let's get the party started" I said trying to be a sport. In all the talks, I lost count of my drinks and by the time Jackson arrived which was almost midnight, I was already tipsy.

"Noonaaa...OMG! How are you? I missed you..." he said and rushed over to give me a tight hug before sitting down. "My apologies ladies, I had a late schedule so I couldn't make it early" Jackson added. I told him not to worry about it and asked how he had been. Part of me wanted to asked about Pretty boy, I blame alcohol for it. My thoughts and mouth seems to have a mind of it's own with every sip. I thought I could handle it but I was very wrong. Oh so very wrong...

Fast forward to present...

Good heavens! What have I done I screamed silently as I pulled the covers over my head wishing the ground to open up and just swallow me.

"Nat, you need to eating something" Pretty boy said

"Go away Mark, I'll be fine. I just need to sleep off this hangover" I replied from inside the covers. I did not dare face Mark in the state I'm in. Worse, the possible shit I might have done in my drunken awesomeness last night was even more stressing. Why of all the people it had to be him, I curse silently.

"C'mon Nat, what are you trying to hide? I've seen it all if you must know" Mark teased

I let out a small curse and cringed at the thought of Mark undressing me. Like it wouldn't get any worse. "Go away Mark" I said again "I'll be fine"

"Either you get up or I'm sitting here until you do" Mark replied. Besides, I don't have any schedule today so I might as well spent the day here.

"What!!!" I sat up "No way, you can't stay here. I need to go to office" I added panicking a little.

"That's more like it" Pretty boy winked. "Wash up and come out for breakfast or in your case more like lunch" he said before walking out of the room. I rushed inside the bathroom the moment he exited the room. Feeling human after a quick shower, I pulled myself together and let myself out of the room after taking a deep breath.

Pretty Boy was sitting on the sofa all handsome and distracting. Didn't he just got off bed? How can someone look so good...I rolled my eyes looking at him. Damnit, Nat stop it. It annoyed the hell out of me that he still has the power to mess my head after all this years.

I walked over and sat on the sofa opposite to him. "Hey thanks for bringing me home last night and sorry, for troubling you" I said trying to sound as casual as I could.

"No problem" Mark replied. "Although I'm offended that I wasn't invited" Mark said leaning back and giving me that judgy look.

" was not really a planned get together. Rica bumped into Jackson and invited him. I didn't know he was coming over until I got to the bar" I explained.

"Hmmmn...Anyways, how have you been Nat? Never missed me? Mark asked suddenly.

"Huh! What...?" I asked caught off guard for a sec..."Never mind"

"Been good. How about you?

"I'm alright. Just a little busy with the final stage of our new album" Mark replied.

"Ahhh...right, heard you guys are coming out with a new album" I commented

"Ha! you do follow up on us huh, I'm flattered" Mark laughed

"Ah well ...of course! Why wouldn't I, I told you I'd always support you guys. That's what friends do right" I shrugged trying not to let him read too much into it.

"Really...friends, I thought we had more than that Nat" Pretty boy replied giving me the look

"Did we now?" I shrugged trying not to give away myfeelings.

"Anyways, how's your GF doing? She's real pretty. What's her name again?" I asked trying to change the topic

"My GF?! Why are you jealous?" Mark asked smirking

"Yeah right! Like your relationship matters to me kid" I replied rolling my eyes.

"Still seeme as a Kid huh!" Pretty boy asked raising eyebrows

"Hmmmn...well..."I drift off..."Whatever"

"Don't you have to get back?" I asked trying to change the topic.

"Not really" I don't have any schedule today Pretty boy with that smug smile making himself all home on the sofa.

Seriously, this guy...haven't change much, has he. "Well, you can't just stayhere. I don't want to attract your fans here" I said though that was very unlikely given the neighborhood I'm at.

"Jackson is coming to pick up later in the evening. So I'm all yours till then" Pretty boy said smirking.

"Annnnnd...that supposed to make me happy?!! Don't flatter yourself pretty boy" I rolled my eyes at him. "Don't you have someone to meet, date...or something"

"My GF is very open and she makes me do whatever I like" Mark said laughing

"Huh! Lucky you" I replied. "Anywho I need some fresh air. Gonna go out and grab some stuffs from the mart" I said getting up from the couch.

"I'm coming with you" Mark replied getting up. "Huh, really? Don'tthink that's a good idea" I said

"No big deal, Nat. I doubt people will notice me around the mart" Pretty Boy replied.

"Well, upto you mister. Lets get going" I said grabbing an apple before heading out.


15 minutes and we were pushing through the huge mart buzzing with people. "Here we go. Good luck not been noticed" I whisper before making abeeline for food section. I look around for some greens and sausages. I turn back to check on Mark but he was no where to seen. I figured, he was getting some stuffs. So, I went about browsing for more stuffs. About 10 minutes pass when my phone buzz. I check and saw a message from a new number. Curious, I open it and it was none other then pretty boy.

Wait, I don't remember giving my number, how the hell did he get it.

Mark:Hurry up and come here

Me:What! Where are you? I can't see you from here

Mark:I know where you are...just walk straight up from where you are and then take your left from the home section.

I look and saw the home section about 15 steps away. I quickly grab my stuffs and headed towards the direction

"Yeobo, there you are" Mark said giving me quick hug and took the basket Iwas holding.

"Huh!, who are you yeob...o.o.innn" before I could complete the sentence I noticed some fans gathering around and from the looks of it, they were still trying to figure if it was really Mark.

"Hey you" I replied smiling wrapping my arms around and pulling him towards the opposite direction.

"How the hell do they even recognize" I whisper. "Told you this was a bad idea" I hissed as I continue pulling him towards the exit. "Slow down flash, its ok now" Mark said wrapping his arm around my waist like its the most natural thing to do.

"Now we just look like a cute couple out for shopping" he whisper and I could hear the laughter in this voice.

"Cut it out kid. First of all, we are not a couple and second, we definitely need to get out of here ASAP" I replied giving him my don't mess with me look.

"OK OK ...let's go" Mark replied raising his hands.

"Do you want anything before I go and pay" I asked.

"Nah, I don't think so. I already got the drinks I want" Mark said holding out a pack ofcans.

"Ok, great...give that to me. I will go and pay it. Meanwhile, can you head out first and bring the car around?" I asked.

"Yep" Mark said grabbing the keys and started walking towards the parking section

As I watch Mark drive, I couldn't help asking..."Do you get that often?"

"Do I get what now?" Mark turn looking confused. "Oh I mean, fans recognising whenever you go out" I added.

~But seriously, pretty boy had a hood and baseball cap with the mask on. Like, literally only his eyes was visible under the cap. How do you even recognized someone in that, I truly wondered.~

"Not everytime but yeah quite often"

"Doesn't it bother you"

"It's ok. Most of the time, they just want a pic or an autograph. Once they get it, they just leave and let us be. But yeah, there are some few fans who just won't leave and they keep following everywhere. It becomes tiresome then and couple of times, I had to request them to leave" Pretty boy added.

"Sounds a hell of a fuss to me" I replied. Than again, you guys are so used to it by now I guess" I shrugged.

Pretty Boy laughed "You could say that"


Pretty Boy helped carrying the stuffs up as I live on the 3rd floor. We decided to have a cup of coffee when my doorbell rang. Can you check and see who is is? I asked as I was already half way making the coffee.

"It's Jackson" Pretty boy called out as he buzz him in.

"Noonaaa..." Jackson shouted the moment he step inside and rushed towards me for a hug. I laughed at how he hasn't change a bit. The same old lively and adorable Jackson. I smiled and hugged back.

"So what are you guys up to" Wang asked sitting down.

"Not much,we just got back from the mart and was about to sit for a coffee whenyou rang the doorbell. On that note, Do you want one? I asked. "Nah, I'm good...I already had too much Jackson replied.

"Ok then, here you go" I said passing the coffee to Pretty boy. "So are you guys planning to leave now or you want to stay for dinner"

"I wouldn't mind dinner but I think we need to get back, the guys are waiting" Jackson replied regrettably

"Oh OK....guess we'll have it another time together" I added

"Yep..rain-check on the dinner" Jackson said happily.

By then, Mark was done with his coffee. He went to collect his jacket from my room before leaving.

I walk them to the door..."Alright then, see you guys another time. It was really nice meeting you both" I said.

"You too noona" Jackson reply giving me a quick hug. Then I stood there not sure if I should hug him or not.

Mark smirks at my awkwardness. Then to my surprise he leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and whisper "I'll see you soon" and walk off smiling before I could say anything.

I walk back to my room with an uneasy feeling that my life was getting a makeover and I wasn't ready for it....

Mark POV next...

Author note:

Hi lovelies, thank you so much for sticking around and checking my story. I know it's a long wait and most probably the plot is getting boring and lame hahaha...Nevertheless, if you happen like it, don't forget to VOTE andCOMMENT your thoughts. It will mean a lot and motivate me to continue.

Thanksagain. Until next chapter...Cheers!!
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