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Truth is sometimes hard to find but the best predictor of future events is past behavior.
I don't post these things to be hateful I post them because they're truth. Fundamentalist ☪ Islam is a threat to all free societies.
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To know the Truth
A monologue by India’s leading comedian caused a furore in the country, with netizens quick to take sides between right and wrong. Needless to say that they left no scope for any room for grey, should it have been necessary to know the truth. Nothing that oration had was a lie, no part of it misrepresented the vibrancy of India. In fact, what it did, was list out stark candid depictions of the country we live in. And I am going to candidly say, that it is a sad truth each of us is guilty of hiding behind! How many times in life have you chosen to support something you know is wrong simply because it’s the easier thing to do? How much of your value system did you have to bend just so that you could accommodate another’s falsified image? It takes nerves of steel to stand up in front of hundreds of people and openly state the truth but Vir Das did it single-handedly. It didn’t matter if the crowd jeered or clapped. He was already aware of the wrath he would face back in India, but that didn’t come close to averting his decision to speak. He wanted to portray reality and bare he did, irrespective of anything or anyone! And he did it, standing alone. In life, we often are faced with lies that are sugar coated as truth. They are presented to us in ways that we know are wrong but for popularity’s sake, believe it as the truth. And over time, as the popularity increases, the coating appears to be an inherent part of the lie, oops.. truth!  Why do we prefer to hide behind a lie? Why don’t we have the guts to call a spade a spade? Why is that a fake air of hypocrisy descends, when inwardly you believe the truth but outwardly stand up against it? India is what it is and there is nothing incorrect that was said and yet there are undercurrents of his fate! So basically, we now gearing up to be a society that prefers to harbour deceit and watch the show rather than stand up for the right thing. Having been on the other side, I have absolutely no holds barred as I say this – It is easier to sail where the winds blow, for only a select few will have the strength to manoeuvre a yacht in the eye of the storm! And it is those few that come out of the storm, probably a little scathed and bruised but victorious! Read More To quote Murakami, “When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. “And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. … When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” Knowing the truth is one thing but standing up for it against all odds, takes integrity! I believe that there are always shades of grey just as there are two sides to a story but taking the one that enhances your beliefs as an individual is what makes you stand apart. Integrity indeed helps you tide over every storm and emerge a better person. Stand up for the harder right instead of the easier wrong, even if you have to stand alone for no matter how much you try and twist the truth. The truth is, that it will always bounce back, as truth! Cheers! Pooja
New Chapter, old story
Why does the end of a year always inspire us to sit down with pen and paper and make a new wish list? The things we did or didn’t do. The places we missed seeing. The people we added or subtracted.. The achievements we earned or the failures that taught… Why is it that only the end, signals or coerces us to rethink, reinvent and reframe our next path? Perhaps when you know something is going to end, you are compelled to give it one last thought before writing it off. You want to carry with you a little of the past and take with you a lot of your present. You want to rework and rewire the things that didn’t quite work for you and savour the ones that did. And that’s the beauty of a whole new year. Yes, this one was definitely much better than 2020, which a lot of us had written off, for reasons personal. And as we gear up to get into the next, we are doing so with a glimmer of hope and are trusting it to be even better than the year we have had. And why not? After all, we are in the business of promoting happiness and motivation, aren’t we? If there is one thing I would want to leave behind, it would be judgement. I have seen people behave in the most shallow way ever, seen them say and do things I would never imagine a person do to another but surprisingly, this time, it didn’t so much as even cause a flutter inside me. It almost felt as though a mature version of me was staring back at the well, regular me, and that on its own said a lot. And, if there was one thing I would want to take ahead with me, I’d go for love – in all its forms. We spend far too much of our time on frivolities that don’t even matter. We overlook the small gestures while looking for the big ones, least realising that it were the small ones that would have eventually indicated the largest! I am not a hopeless romantic for romance can never make you hopeless. What I am is a girl who believed, still does and probably always will look for the twinkle in everyone she loves. For, what the world really needs is more of empathy. We are so attuned into staring at the best bits of people’s lives on screen that we tend to overlook one minuscule but vital fact – reality is a long cry from whatever we see there. It’s a world that is coated and sugar coated with drama, deceit and an impression. I feel as though I am at a fork on the road. And the difference between the two paths is not based on which one has been more travelled upon but on the one that is not fringing on superfluousness or pretence. I don’t want to be something or someone I’m not. I don’t want to hide behind a façade of duties and responsibilities. What I do want is to be free to choose the road that I want, as me. And that is the beauty of a whole new year. Somewhere inside of us, we all make promises that we want to keep but they don’t always pan out the way we want. And that is okay for no matter which road you take, there will always be choices and it is at those forks, that your next story enfolds. As I sign off to a year that has been kind and generous, I’m doing so with a spring in my step. I’m doing it with the knowing that I am happiest when I am me, not a version of another’s perception of how I am to be. Also Read Cheers! Pooja