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yea, agree @maeguasque @carolon @misswhatever @yukias in general most do resort to smoking a stick or two or pack but much as we all know n they know too, bad for health. A little indulgence. Still, we r after all a very concern n loving fans to our idols n want the best for them.
@maeguasque i really agree with you, actually so many asians in the world smokes, he is also at the age to relizes the consequences also filming is tough, and the thing is jsut cause some fans dont want him to smoke doesnt mean he will stop, at the end its his decision to do what he wants to do,
he look hot .and I agree with you girls I don't think it's such a big deal though it's bad for health but I understand him fans shouldn't be upset because of this
what is the issue, he's not the only smoker in korea? please people , nobody is perfect. stop talking about it, ..
i think many celebritys are smoking and i've got the same opinion as @maeguasque that they should know themselves what they do. it's not like he is a badder person just because he is smoking ;)
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