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In The Heirs, episode 16, Kim Tan(played by Lee Min Ho) kisses Cha Eun Sang(played by Park Shin Hye). Tan noticed that Eun Sang was preparing to leave him, and started to check on her on everything. He sent her a text message saying, ‘Come out and bring your passport with you. If you don’t bring it, I’m going to go to your house and look for it.” As Eun Sang came out with her passport in her hand, Tan quickly pushed her into the maid’s room. He then said, “Haven’t I told you to be where I’ve told you to be at? I told you to wait, didn’t I? Please be at somewhere I told you to be. Listen to me for God’s sake.” Then he kissed her and Eun Sang hugged his waist. Credit to the owner