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Top 5 iOS App Development Challenges And How To Overcome Them
Having a functional mobile application has become more of a necessity if businesses want to flourish in a fiercely competitive market. And what better than iOS to get started. It is already among the most popular mobile operating systems, which is not a surprise, given its numerous features such as security, exceptional user experience, high scalability, etc. However, the development process sure is a complex one. With each new version of Apple OS, the process becomes a bit complex and poses a few challenges to the developers. But there are some easy ways to overcome those challenges. Read on: The compatibility issue The compatibility issue often arises with iOS app development. With a number of Apple products including iPhone, iPad, etc, it often becomes difficult to find out the iOS versions that will support the application. Your iOS application needs to be compatible with all the Apple products and OS versions. To avoid this issue, you must test your application using TaaS to identify all the prevailing problems with your app. Leveling up the user interface iOS devices are among the most preferred ones, thanks to their superior UX and brilliant design. But then again, frequent changes in design are likely to affect your app in some way or the other. For example, some people might still be using a relatively small screen. You need to be sure that your app provides an attractive user experience irrespective of the screen size. Evolve your app and keep working to level up the user interface of your app. The network may not always be supportive Network conditions can be a concern for you here in case your app comprises rich media such as videos or live streaming. Find out the speed at which most of the people access the apps and then develop yours accordingly. For example, you might want to restrict the video quality on your app to brace up to the poor network conditions. As a solution, make sure your app passes the test performed by the Network Link Conditioner which can help you with simulation System memory might hold your app back Each iOS device comes with a different memory configuration. An app developed for one version may or may not work well on another. The reason could be low memory and storage, which can also result in your app getting terminated. Another concern may be your app drawing a huge amount of battery, which will, more often than not, result in uninstallation. Luckily for you, Custom iOS app development can help address this challenge very well. Therefore, it is important to optimize your app to make sure it is battery-friendly. And since device memory is an issue, optimizing the app in terms of file size will also help in eliminating such issues. App store approval Not all iOS apps are approved by the Apple app store, especially those that are not developed in compliance with the suggested rules. One simple violation and your app could get rejected. These rules, too, aren’t consistent, which is why you need to keep up with the recent changes in the guidelines and develop your app accordingly. Each OS comes with its own set of challenges. iOS is no different. The app development process might be prone to a few as well, but none of them are powerful enough to undermine the greater good that an iOS app can bring to your business. So, all you need are some simple tactics to overcome them. The aforementioned challenges along with the solutions will help you make sure that the end result is pure brilliance, and the development process, smooth. Need an iOS developer to guide the way? Well, write to us at, and we’ll connect you with one, someone who’s well-versed in custom iOs app development, and knows what it takes to build a powerful business app.
아이폰 배터리가 빨리 닳는다면?
(˘̩̩̩ε˘̩ƪ) 배터리 광탈? ‘아이폰 배터리가 이상하게 빨리 닳는 것 같다’라고 생각된다면....... 아마 어떤 앱이 지나치게 열심히 일을 해대고 있기 때문일 수 있습니다. 아이폰 배터리 수명에도 안좋고 더군다나 뻘짓일 경우가 많으니 막아야죠. Stop( つ•̀ω•́)つ・・*:・:・゜:==≡≡Σ=͟͟͞͞(꒱)`Д´) 배터리와 관련된 iOS(아이폰&아이패드) 설정을 점검해 봅시다. 1.배터리 광탈 원인 찾기 아이폰 설정에서 [배터리-배터리사용량]을 들여다 보면 소모량이 큰 앱을 찾을 수 있습니다. ▲ [세부정보(시계아이콘)]를 눌러서 백그라운드에서 실행된 시간을 구체적으로 살펴보세요. 배터리 하마를 찾을 수 있습니다. 2. 백그라운드 실행 앱 활동 관리 설정 [일반 - 백그라운드 앱 새로고침]으로 갑니다. 재미로 깔아놓은 앱들이고 어쩌다 한 번 보는 앱들이라 미리 체크할 정보가 없는 앱이면 다 끄세요. 앱 기능 쓰는데 문제 없습니다. 3. 기본앱의 백그라운드 활동 줄이기 새로온 메일을 아이폰이 주기적으로 가져오는데요, 이 주기를 조절해 둡니다. 설정 [계정 및 암호-데이터 업데이트]를 엽니다. ‘푸쉬’도 끄고 왠만하면 다 수동으로 설정해 둡니다. 메일을 열고 땡기면 새로고침 되기 때문에 굳이 백그라운드에서 가져올 필요는 없어요. 4. 앱 알림 줄이기 배터리를 잡아먹는 또다른 것은 앱의 알림입니다. 별 관심 없는 앱의 알림이 계속 뜨면 꺼졌던 화면이 계속 켜지니까 상당히 낭비겠죠. 설정 [알림-알림 스타일]로 가서 급하지 않은 앱 알림은 배지로 바꾸세요. 쓸데없는 것은 앱 알림을 끕니다. 5. GPS추적 관련 앱은 사용 후 완전종료 아이폰은 메모리 관리를 잘하는 iOS인 만큼 오류가 있는 앱이 아닌 이상 강제로 종료하지 말고 그냥 두라고 권하는데요.... 저도 그냥 두긴 하지만 GPS 추적기능 등 무거운 기능이 있는 앱은 사용 후 바로 완전종료 합니다. 배터리 전력을 많이 사용하는 앱 확인방법과 배터리를 절약하는 아이폰 설정을 짚어보았습니다. 수명이 있는 배터리인 만큼 쓸데없이 쓰게되는 배터리 낭비나 누수는 틀어 막아야겠습니다. ^^ ________ '보남이의 앱세이'는 1500여개의 아이폰/아이패드 앱을 직접 사용하며 추천앱을 소개하고 있습니다. 구독하시면 흥미롭고 유용한 앱들을 소개받으실 수 있습니다
Three Crucial Mobile App Design Stages - Do Not Ignore Them!
Mobile app design can be an uphill task if you get into it without any proper planning and evaluation. With adequate pre-planning and strategic expertise from an experienced mobile app design company, you can tackle all the challenges that are in the way of mobile app design. In this blog, you will explore the crucial design stages that any mobile app should go through to become successful. If you have been pondering about designing a mobile app for long, I’m pretty sure that you are convinced about its crucial role in bringing better business results. There are many benefits that a mobile app can confer on your business. As per the latest reports, consumers downloaded 218 billion mobile apps to their connected devices. This is poised to increase in the coming years. Users spend 3.1 hours per day in apps on average. Having a mobile strategy is critical for your business success as you can sit ignoring these figures. The term mobile app development scares you away as your mind conjures complex coding bustles. Mobile app design should precede the development stage. This process consists of key 3 stages. Here they are: Three Crucial Stages of Mobile App Design 1. Business Analysis Collaborate with a professional business analyst to sketch out your company’s mobile strategy. Do this by analysing the market conditions competitors, customer journey, weaknesses, and your stakeholders’ vision about your company. You also need to define the purpose of the app and the benefits this app confers on the end users. All these help you evolve a mobile app strategy that is SMART - specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. Now you will move on to defining the target platform (iOS or Android or both), the development method, and the functional requirements. The region from which the majority of your target audience comes from is a crucial factor in deciding whether your app should be an iOS or Android version. After reaching clarity on the platform, you need to move onto considering the mobile app development approach. Native mobile app development Native apps are developed exclusively for a single platform using a native-to-the-operating-system language. Designers will custom make UX and UI design of the app as per the platform’s original guidelines. The end result will be a perfect app for that specific platform. These apps will have access to all the advantages of the device and the operating system’s features. Though the development costs are high, it assures higher user satisfaction. Hybrid mobile app development Hybrid mobile app development is a blend solution comprising both native and web solutions. The mobile app design will feature identical UX and UI design on different platforms. Mobile app developers write code in web development languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and will embed them into a native app using plugins like Apache Cordova. The plugin system lets developers to access the native features of platforms. Development costs and time involved (as you write code once and use it in multiple platforms) will be lower than native app development. Do keep in mind that achieving great UX and navigation patterns can be a challenge here. Cross-platform development Cross platform mobile app development is similar to Hybrid only in terms of code shareability. This mobile app design offers near-native look and experience on both native platforms. This option is the best for low-cost custom apps with secure, stable, and repeat features. 2. UX Design UX design covers everything that differentiate a good app from a bad app. You need to consider the user experience (UX) aspect seriously if you want your app to be successful. Successful apps are noted for faster loading time, intuitive use, and delightful interaction. After deciding the functional requirements, you need to quickly move into the actual design action. Hire a UX expert to get a clearer picture on mobile app users’ persona analysis and these users’ interaction patterns with the application (or user scenarios). Multiple personas and user scenarios will give the mobile app designer to design the app with a clear goal. He will create wireframes depicting interaction flows between a user and the mobile app. These UX wireframes will undergo rigorous UX testing. Early feedback will help the designer to fix the UX errors early. 3. UI design prototyping User interface (UI) designers start their work basing on the UX wireframes. They transform these monochromatic schemes into vivid and sophisticated digital prototypes. They will blend a lot of elements while doing this transformation; for example: brand message, platform-specific guidelines and the hottest mobile app design trends. They will also see to it that the look and feel of the mobile app is in conformity to the web application, if there is any. They will collect feedback on this UI prototype to integrate changes and fix errors. Once you approve the final version the design becomes complete. Wrapping Up The above discussed are the key stages involved in a mobile app design project. There could be variations in it as per diverse project specifications. If you are brainstorming an app idea and are confused about how to move about it, schedule a call with our mobile app design team.
#세련된 남자의 조건 1편
집을 수리해본 사람은 안다. 맘에 들지 않는 어디 한 군데를 고치고 나면, 그 전까지 존재감이 없던 다른 코너가 자신도 고쳐달라면서 스윽~등장하는 불편한 진실.  때론 옷을 입는 남자들의 고민도 그렇다. 천신만고 끝에 좋은 옷을 갖추면 자연스럽게 관심이 그 옷과 부합하는 가방에 닿을 수밖에 없고, 마지막엔 시계 와 지갑 등으로 서서히... 그러나 확실하게 진화하는 과정이다. 럭셔리와 동의어인줄 알았던 브랜드의 많은 제품들이 정작 다른 공장에서 생산된 뒤 레이블을 다는 OEM 제품들이었단 사실을 발견한 다음, 언제부터인가 우리들은 브랜드의 딱지보다는 자신의 스타일과 부합하는지 그리고 그것이 가격과 성능 대비 합당한지를 보는것이 요즘의 액세서리 소비 트렌드이다. 그래서 오늘은 남자의 유일한 액세서리 시계에 대해서 말하고 싶다. 손목에서 빛나는 지성의 향기 남자의 시선을 끌어당기고 그들의 관심을 압축해 소유욕을 폭발시키며 은행잔고를 마르게 하는 물건은 시대마다 달랐다. 선진국의 트렌드와 국내 트렌드 간의 시간차를 어느 정도 감안한다면, 미래에 이 나라 남자들을 폭발적으로 충동질할 물건은 시계가 틀림없다. 시계는 독특한 자기표현을 넘어서 남자가 바라보는 작은 우주의 결정체이기 때문이다. 그렇다고 명품시계를 찬다고 우주가 커지는 것은 아니다. 중요한것은 객관적으로 현재 자신과 조화가 이루어 지느냐가 첫번째다.
Top 10 Tools For iOS App Development
As iPhone users are continuously growing and helping iOS expand its market in the mobile technology world, a surge in iOS-based applications has taken place.  The various hardcore implementations by the iOS operating system also make it a platform that is tough to build applications on but Apple has been continuously launching advanced tools to help developers create applications at ease. As iOS brings a great UI/UX design and provides the highest security features makes it a sought-after app development platform by businesses. Are you planning to develop your iOS App? Here is a list of tools that will help you out to develop the best app AppCode AppCode is a fully functionality-based advanced app development tool launched for iOS developers. It is compatible with Swift, Objective-C, C++, and JS, allowing iOS developers to use this tool for application development using multiple languages. The overall environment of the AppCode makes it a very handy tool for app development with an easy-to-write code model, an IDE, and Editor that point out errors enabling the users to take timely actions to correct them. XCode Apple introduced Xcode to build applications in the Swift programming language.  XCode has been the first preference of iOS app developers to create applications for all the devices supporting Mac and iOS platforms.  With its great architectural importance, it is stated as the most powerful and resourceful tool for iOS app development in the market. Applyzer Applyzer is another iOS tool that helps developers to monitor the ranking of the app on the Apple Store. An easy-to-use tool where you create an account and integrate the official app ID to track the app’s rank on iTunes. Applyzer editor tool allows developers to enable keyword search options. It lets you monitor the keywords used in the app content and other results. Some of the Specifications of Applyzer are: API Integration  Customization at Ease Mobile support for devices Cloud-Based Deployment RxSwift One of the highly used tools by iOS App developers for asynchronous programming.  RxSwift comes with a pre-built library offering developers to write code for the dynamic interface apps with data interaction and other key user events.  It makes it a recommended tool for a high data operating app development under iOS.   RXSwift brings the described characteristics under its development operability: Reactive Programming Functional Programming An Observable. An Observer. A Dispose bag. Design+Code This tool allows the iOS application developers to work on their requirements with the help of different videos to learn and implement. It has a vast content base covering varied topics on techniques of coding for the design and development of iOS applications. It even features to let programmers learn how to use other development tools such as Xcode, Framer, and others. Design+Code offers a complete knowledge-based platform, where anyone looking to learn iOS development can gain the knowledge and start building the Apps.  Testflight Testflight comes as a native framework that allows iOS app developers to apply different testings on Apple devices.  The tool has its best application for development it lets developers perform complete testing of the app also, providing beta testing of app prototypes as well as semi-finished or finished iOS applications.  Developing an app with efficiency in having detailed testing for its design and development phase is where the app gets highly benefitted from this tool. Jazzy Jazzy is a documentation tool that is developed to create apple-based documentation for Objective-C and Swift. Being a command-line utility using SourceKit and Clang AST representation of code to generate accurate results.  It allows iOS app programmers to manage essential attributes and gain an understanding of the purpose of writing a certain code. With Jazzy developers require to create a code for a website and its documentation which can be directly installed to the document viewer. The tool brings the advantage of accurate and efficient documentation. Mockingbird Another handy tool, for optimal iOS-based app development, allows the developers to app processing during the initial phase of app development. It allows the programmers to generate the visual and clickable wireframe at ease.  The mockingbird tool can help the app development process by allowing the developer to manipulate the aspects like font size, page links, wireframe alignment. Also, it allows you to share the prototype with other developers. Dash Dash is a tool that works as a code snippet manager and API documentation browser giving developers instant access to more than 200 API documentation in offline mode.  It allows iOS app developers to create their own documentation sets or use any ready-to-use doc sets as per development requirements by just downloading and use them.  The features that make it a distinguished tool is that it can well be integrated with third-party plug-ins Code Runner A powerful tool offering iOS app developers to help create dynamic and sophisticated applications.  It allows the support of twenty-three programming languages making it a very robust and versatile tool for the developers to leverage. Moreover, it offers additional valuable functionality as a code debugger. With the above-mentioned details on the tools for iOS App development, you can find guidance as to what all the tools are about and how they help with the app development. You can even opt for your preferred tool and build a high-quality iOS-based app. Find out more about iOS application development via Hashstudioz Technologies
여행 끝! 여행사진과 동영상까지 깔끔하게 정리해 줄 꿀어플 모음
이번 름에 여행 다니면서 사진/동영상 엄청 많이 찍어 두셨나요? ^^ ● ‘Google 포토’가 답이다~ 구글포토(Google photo)는 무제한 용량에 평생 무료인 사진&동영상 백업 서비스입니다. 거기에 이미지를 AI분석해두기 때문에 기가막힌 검색능력을 갖추고 있고 알아서 편집까지 해주는 자동편집/추천기능은 덤~ 특히 아이폰의 고속연사사진, 슬로모션영상, 라이브포토 기능까지 그대로 구현해주니 안쓰면 손해인 최고의 서비스입니다. ______ * 구글포토 리뷰 및 사용방법 보기 ☞ 애플 앱스토어 / 구글 플레이 ● '알파카(Alpaca)'로 베스트샷만 남기기 우리는 보통 같은 장면을 여러장 찍지 않나요? 한 장은 인생샷 나오겠지 싶어 다작한 사진들 중 베스트 컷만 골라 남기는데 가장 적합한 앱이 알파카입니다. 비슷한 사진을 따로 모아서 그루핑해 보여주기 때문에 여행사진처럼 다량의 사진을 찍었을 때 가장 잘 나온 것만 골라내고 삭제해 버리기 좋아요. _____ * Alpaca 리뷰 및 사용법 ☞ 애플 앱스토어 ※ 아이폰전용앱으로 안드로이드폰은 'Duplicate photo finder'를 대신 추천합니다 ● ‘구글포토’가 공유의 신이다~ 구글포토에서 앨범을 만들어 공유하기 구글포토에 백업해 놓은 사진/영상 중에 공유할 것을 골라 앨범으로 만드세요. 그리고 그 앨범의 링크를 공유링크로 만들어 링크만 전달하면 모든 사진 공유 끝! 링크를 클릭하면 포토앨범 게시물처럼 보여줘서 댓글이나 하트도 남길 수 있어요. ● ‘Gopro ‘Quik’을 아는 순간 이미 크리에이터 Gopro Quik은 자동 동영상 제작 앱 입니다. 사진과 동영상을 다 불러들여 놓고 영상패턴 버튼을 하나씩 눌러보면 이미 여러 버전으로 여행스케치 영상들이 완성되어 있답니다. 그저그런 영상이 아니고 프로 제작자가 몇 날을 꼬박 만들어야 할 만큼의 퀄리티라니, 와우~ 그저 고르기만 하세요. ______ * Gopro Quik 리뷰/사용법 ☞ 애플 앱스토어 / 구글 플레이 ● ‘maptales’면 여행경로를 한 방에! 맛집, 까페, 공원 어디든 사진의 GPS정보를 읽어 지도에 여정을 매칭시켜 줍니다. _____ * maptales 리뷰/사용법 ☞ 애플 앱스토어 ※ 코스별로 기록하는 여행정리 어플 더 추천해요 * '여행노트 (아이폰 / 안드로이드폰 )
아이폰8...다음달 12일에 나온다
신형 애플워치· 4K 애플TV도 함께 공개 애플의 차기 스마트폰인 아이폰8(가칭)을 기다리는 사람들에게 희소식이 전달됐다. 아이폰8이 다음달 12일에 공개될 것으로 전망됐기 때문이다. 28일(현지시간) 월스트리트저널과 비즈니스 인사이더 등 주요 외신은 아이폰8의 공개일을 9월 12일로 전망했다. 아이폰8 출시 관련 공식 행사 일정은 현재까지 확인된 바가 없다. 애플은 12일 아이폰8을 포함한 3종류의 신형 아이폰을 공개할 것으로 보인다. 이미 다수의 외신과 국내 매체가 전망한 것처럼 아이폰8은 아이폰 최초로 올레드(OLED) 화면이 적용됐다. 이로 인해 아이폰8의 가격이 이전 모델들 보다 비싸질 것이라는 전망이 나온다. 뉴욕타임스는 지난주 아이폰의 가격을 999달러(112만원)으로 예상한 바 있다. 아이폰8과 함게 공개되는 2가지 폰은 아이폰7과 아이폰7플러스와 유사할 것으로 비즈니스 인사이더는 전망했다. 다수의 애널리스트들은 애플이 플래그십 스마트폰 공개와 더불어 신형 ‘애플워치’도 공개할 것으로 봤다. 이번에 공개될 애플워치는 아이폰과 연결이 되지 않아도 독자적으로 구동이 가능할 것으로 보인다. 4K해상도를 지원하는 새로운 애플TV역시 함께 공개될 것으로 예상된다. 매체는 애플이 지난2년간 판매실적에서 느린 성장을 보였고 아이폰7도 전작에 비해 크게 달라진 것이 없었다. 애플이 이번에 새로운 아이폰을 통해 플래그십 스마트폰 시장에서 반등을 노릴 것이다. 한편 애플은 지난 6월 음성인식 스피커인 ‘홈팟’과 전문가들을 위한 아이맥 컴퓨터를 올해 말까지 내놓겠다고 밝힌 바 있다.