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Make A Fist. Then Read This Card.
So I just learned about something cool today called Kobushi Shindan. Have any of you heard about it? Kobushi Shindan (literally, 'fist analysis' in Japanese) is an ancient samurai personality test. All you need to do to take it is make a fist! So make a fist, any fist, and find out what your personal fist form says about you! Fist #1: Your thumb rests on your index finger. People with this fist shape tend to be natural leaders. You like helping others and, likewise, appreciate being leaned on for support. However, despite a strong exterior, you have the tendency to be a bit insecure. In relationships, you are extremely devoted and expect that same kind of loyalty in return. You put others before yourself, and since you're not necessarily good at words, you put that love into compassionate action. Fist #2: Your thumb rests in the middle of your fist. You're a free-spirit with a wide range of talents and plenty of friends. However, you tend to be afraid to try new things because you fear failure. And despite the fact you have a wide group of friends, the amount of friends you consider close is considerably smaller. In love, that fear of failure makes it hard for you to begin romantic relationships, but because of your kind and sociable nature, you're a pretty attractable potential mate! Fist #3: You tuck your thumb underneath fingers. You're much more introverted than the other two personality types. You're a sensitive and private person, and while you don't have a huge social network, the few friends you do have are extremely close and loyal to you. You hate conflict and tend to internalize your feelings, but your compromising nature makes you very attentive in your romantic relationships, which tends to make them pretty long-term. So which fist did you guys get? Do you think Kobushi Shindan has got you all figured out, or are there some things you disagree with?
Top 13 Anime to Watch Before Halloween.
Halloween is just around the corner and so I've devised a list of Anime Titles that you can enjoy before you go out cosplaying as your favorite Ghoul or Titan. Some contain classics and some more recent. In all cases, it's anime that you need to check out! These aren't in any specific order. Soul Eater What a shocker right?! But why not. definitely gives a Halloween vibe. Shiki Creepy and stunningly beautiful art work! The story is compelling and suffices for a great mystery. There's something a foot in the small town of Sobata. When a strange family movies in, people start dying left and right. Princess Resurrection If you like murderous female leads and chainsaws, look no further. Attack on Titan Don't hate! For those new to anime, this is not only an amazing series to get into, it's also one of the most popular one for this generation. Just look at that epic cover! It's kind of a unique take on David vs. Goliath. Blood+ Definitely one of my top favorite anime. Such beautiful imagery and catchy OST. The story is deep and of course a ton of Chiropteran/vampire slaying. Tokyo Majin An underestimated anime. A group of kids gain powers to help bring down demons and the undead. Highschool of the Dead didn't do it for you? Try this anime. Definitely a good watch. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia For the romcom lovers in the room, this anime has its mysterious ghost story, with a mix of romance and comedy between a boy and a ghost. Hell Girl Sick series. Be sure to not wish Hell upon others or you'll find yourself dealing with this shedevil before she's sending you off to Hell too. Parasyte Sci-fi horror action? Look no further. Parasyte will take you on one twisted, sick, and action packed ride. A young student gets infected by an alien life-form and basically goes superhero. Dance in the Vampire Bund Just watch it. You won't be disappointed. At first I was like, this ain't right, due to the pedophilia. But she's a freaking vampire! Plus stunning fight scenes. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni In a small town of Hinamizawa, some 2,000 residents conduct a ritual festival yearly through a sacred offering. The new resident and main character, Keiichi, befriends a few new classmates but quickly notices that somethings not right in his new town. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo Okay, so I don't care much for harem. And when I do, I like it due to originality. This one's interesting. A hard headed boy which resembles a lot like Ichigo from Bleach (exnay on the orange hair) has a special gift. By kissing other people (witches), he gets to obtain their powers. I actually like the story to this anime. Just thank me that I didn't put Rosario + Vampire on this list. High School of the Dead Zombies and BEEEWWWBS. Need I say more? It's on the list because looking past the fan service, it's a pretty darn grotesque zombie anime. Tokyo Ghoul OMG! Take a moment away from Sword Art Online, and watch this amazing anime. A lot of anime is either a hit or miss, but this definitely is hard to miss. The art, story, character development, macbre, etc. is all but phenomenal. Basically a young boy who fears ghouls, becomes one. He tries his best to stay human, but realizes the prejudice that surrounds decent ghouls and people. He's torn from being human or a monster. The third season is rumored for 2016! Can't wait!
Eiichiro Oda and Hajime Isayama Show Support After Kumamoto Earthquakes
If you missed the news lately, the Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan was recently hit with a series of earthquakes, the foreshock on April 14th and the mainshock on April 16th. The earthquakes reached a magnitude of 7 on the Richter scale and have devastated the communities of the Prefecture and surrounding area, including as far away as the Ōita prefecture. 48 people have been confirmed dead, while thousands more have been hospitalized with injury. Over 40,000 people have been evacuated from their homes as a result of the quakes. The image you see above is a message penned by Eiichiro Oda, the mangaka responsible for One Piece. Kumamoto is Oda's hometown and so he felt personally attached to plights of the people there. The official One Piece twitter tweeted that image of a hand-drawn Luffy and Kumamon, the official mascot of the prefecture. Here's what it says in English: There was a big earthquake in Kumamoto. (all of Kyushu) I was born in Kumamoto, it's my hometown. To those who were greatly affected by the damage, I hope you're doing well from the bottom of my heart. I was able to directly contact my family and friends, but they're all very scared. But they're doing their best. Everyone I got in touch with said things to put me at ease. They're so tough!! But there is a limit to how long people can steel themselves. Before that thread breaks, I want to calm them down somehow. It's crucial that adults don't worry their kids. Most of all, I want to make kids laugh! If they laugh, adults can do their best! It's still hard now for ordinary people to lend a hand, but I will definitely help with the relief effort. Stay strong, however you can!! Oda was not the only member of the One Piece team to speak up in support of the earthquake victims, however. The voice actors for the Straw Hat Pirates also lent their voices to support Kyushu. Ikue Ohtani (Chopper), Kazuya Nakai (Zoro), Akemi Okamura (Nami), Yuriko Yamaguchi (Robin), Kazuki Yao (Franky), Kappei Yamaguchi (Usopp), and Mayumi Tanaka (Luffy) each have promised to do their bests to help the victims in some way or at least encourage them to stay strong and happy. Each of them signed the board above as a gesture of support for the struggling civilians. The Strawhats weren't the only anime/manga stars to lend their voices to the effort, though. Hajime Isayama, the mangaka for Attack on Titan is also from close to the affected region: Hita in Ōita Prefecture. Isayama also contributed a drawing as support for the victims. It shows Eren, Mikasa and Armin with Kumamon and Mejiron, Ōita Prefecture's bird mascot. Isayama wrote on his blog accompanying the image: "When times have been tough for me, even under very harsh circumstances, I'm reminded of manga heroes who fight for their lives, and I remember that they toughed it out. I drew the illustration with those feelings." Though these artists can't do a whole lot in terms of helping on the ground level with the victims, they have chosen to lend their support in the best ways they have available to them; their art. It shows a passion for their homes and their people, and the will of the nation that rallies strongly around their own in times of crisis.
Netflix Anime Stock
So I don't know about everyone else here in the community, but personally, I'm a really lazy type of anime nerd. Like, I want to watch so many animes, all the time, but I am too lazy to always go looking to find them. I'm sure there are a couple other lazy folks here on Vingle who feel the same way. Folks who just want to sit down and relax with Netflix, and know what is available to them. I didn't see a comprehensive list of what is available in terms of anime on Netflix, so I decided to assemble this list for everyone. List of Anime available on Netflix: Arpeggio of Blue Steel Attack on Titan Black Butler Bleach Blue Exorcist Deadman Wonderland Death Note The Devil is A Part-Timer! Eureka 7 Fairy Tail Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Fate/Zero Freezing Freezing vibration Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Gurren Lagann Heaven's Lost Property HunterXHunter Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians Ikki Tousen: Xtreme Xecutor Inuyasha The Irregular at Magic High School K Kill la Kill Knights of Sidonia Koutoura-san Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Moribito: The Guardian of the Spirit Mushi-Shi My Little Monster NANA Naruto Noragami Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan: Demon Capital Ouran High School Host CLub Psycho-Pass Puella Magi Madoka Magica Red Data Girl Rosario + Vampire Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter Samurai Champloo Samurai Flamenco Silver Spoon Soul Eater Sword Art Online Vampire Knight
일본에 남아있는 양심
남자들은 학창시절 대부분 한번쯤은 본 영화 배틀로얄에 나오는 '카와다 쇼고' 본명 : 야마모토 타로 작중 으리남에 상남자기믹을 가지고 있으며 마지막에 죽어갈때 슬픔을 자아낸 캐릭터 이 사람은 이 배틀로얄 말고도 한국영화 ' 마이웨이' 에서도 등장 여기서는 악질적인 일본군의 이미지로 연기하였다 그는 현재 연예계를 떠나 정치인이 돼었다  그리고  자민당 입장에선 답정너를 해야하는데 자꾸 팩트로 뚜들기니까 브레이크 거는거에 개빡친 타로의원 국회에서 이렇게 자민당의 막장행보에 극대노를 하며 항의 하고있다. 그리고 아베 앞에 걸어가 염주를 들고 묵념까지 했다 (사실상 너네(자민당)의 미래는 정해져있다 인정하라는 의미) 대부분의 사람들이 집단 최면에 걸린거마냥 방사능에 대해 너무 무지해서 이렇게 전국을 돌면서 방사능의 심각성과 일본 아베정부의 진실을 말하고 있다. 올바른 소리를 했다고. 탈원전 발언을 했다고, 자민당을 비판했다는 이유로 연예계에서 강제 퇴출당했지만 그는, 자신의 행동에 전혀 부끄럽지 않다며 누군가는 진실을 말해야 한다고 했다 자신은 나이들어서도 좋은 인생을 살고싶고 좋은 배우로써 살고싶은데 방사능이, 일본의 거짓된 역사인식과 현 정권이 자신의 꿈을 방해한다고 말했다. 이런 심한말까지 듣는게 일상이다.. 살해협박까지 받고있다.. 진실을 말해도 먹혀들지 않자 레이와 신센구미라는 정당을 아예 만들어버렸다. 오늘날 그대들(국민)이 이렇게 힘든건 그동안 정치에 너무 무관심했던 너희와 나의 잘못이며 이제부터라도 정치에 관심을 가지고 일본의 미래를 정상적으로 돌려내자고 연설한다. 그리고 지금도 현재 진행형이다.
FIVE Philosophical Anime Quotes
Aside from the amazing art, story, and fan service, avid fans adore the lessons learned from their favorite characters. A lot of the times, other people just don't understand what it is that draws us to what they consider childish cartoons. And for us, we cringe at the sound of that. Well, for one, anime series usually have a deeper meaning that's filled with fantasy, scifi, and everything creatively in between. This importantly goes for dialogue as well. Here are just 5 of many quotes I pulled from some of your favorite anime characters. By all means, comment with some of your favorite anime quotes. Wolf's Rain "Dying or getting killed isn’t something unnatural. Living aimlessly without a purpose is." - Kiba Kiba is hard headed. But completely right. What's the point of living if your life isn't yours to control? Life is hard and it's too easy to give up. But when you have a sense of purpose, your mind is focused and you evolve as an individual. Nana "I always thought that life was about standing your ground, no matter how strong the current was. But going with the flow isn’t so bad after all. As long as it takes you forward." - Osaki Nana Two girls with the same name but are complete polar opposites share an apartment together, but they end up becoming the best of friends. I love it when characters discover new ways to invigorate their state of mind. And Nana definitely isn't closed minded about anything. Sometimes looking at things from a different perspective can lead you to what you're seeking. Cowboy Bebop "Man always thinks about the past before he dies, as if he were frantically searching for proof that he truly lived." - Jet Black Jet, although not the main character, still delivers great lessons to be learned. Especially from his two partners who seem to be very lackluster in doing things. Jet understands what it is to be human and to live a fulfilling life. Code Geass "We wondered what happiness would look like if we could give it a physical form? If I'm not mistaken, I think it was Suzaku who said that the shape of happiness might resemble glass. His reasoning made sense. He said that even though you don't usually notice it, it's still definitely there. You merely have to change your point of view slightly, and that glass will sparkle when it reflects the light. I doubt that anything could argue its existence more eloquently." I can quote this anime all day! This one is sometimes overlooked. But the message is definitely deep. Friendship is how a lot of us stick together. We laugh, cry, and even get upset at each other. But no matter what, they're still there to help you up. Being able to relate friendship to a physical form is genius and beautiful. Fullmetal Alchemist "Stand up and walk. Move on. After all, you have two perfect legs to stand on." - Edward Elric Coming from a boy who lost an arm and a leg, there's no excuse not to pick yourself up and keep moving forward.
JLPT/JPT 고득점자가 말해주는 일본어 공부방법!!!!!!!!!
뒤늦게 구입한 마스다미리의 '수짱'시리즈 내가 일본에 있었던 12년도에 이미 일본에선 열풍이였고 서점에서 표지를 본적은 있었다. 그때 샀으면 좀더 저렴했으려나. 내용은 가벼운것 같지만 곰곰히 생각하게 하는 그런내용이다 난 주인공과 일체가 되어 읽을수 있었다. 같은 나이대라 그런가봐. 흑흑 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <----저의 블로그 아직 부족한 실력인데도 몇몇분들이 포스팅 언제하냐고 기분좋은 압박(!)을 주셔셔 드디어 정리한 내용을 올리게되었다.(사실 포스팅한다고 한지 3개월,,) 어디까지나 개인의 공부방법이니 참고만 하셨으면 좋겠다. 절대적인 방법이 아니니까요. (저는 JLPT N1 만점과 JPT900점을 가지고 있습니다) 1)단어만 모여있는 단어장과는 이별하라. 아마 한자때문에 머리아픈 학생들이 많을거라 생각한다. 나 중학교때 한자과목이 컴퓨터로 대체되었다. 그래서 나는 일본어 공부를 하면서 한자를 접하게 되었다. 보통 공부 할때 단어장 만드는데 난 일본어도 마찬가지고 토익공부 할때도(참고로 토익은 800점이다) 단어장 같은걸 본적이 없다. 토익공부때는 어쩔수 없이 토익보카를 사기는 했지만 그 단어를 다 외워야 한다 생각하니 정말 공부가 하기 싫었다. 특히 한자는 그게 그거 같애. 처음에는 한자에 익숙해지지가 않아서 때려치고 싶었다. (예->功와攻 둘다 '공'자다.하지만 첨에 시작할땐 구분이 전혀 안갔어.이런게 수두룩해.아마 공부해본 사람은 알겠지) 단어장을 열었다 닫았다 하는 그 과정을 반복하기 싫어서 나는 항상 '문장속에서 단어를 암기'했다. 단어만 외우면 정작 독해할때 의미가 이루어 지지않는 경우가 많다. 문장과 함께 단어를 보는 과정을 꾸준히 하다 보면 ​단어의 의미와 문장구성력도 같이 키울수가 있다. 여기서 중요한것은 모르는 단어와 구절 문법은 모조리 형광펜으로 표시를 한다. 단어의 경우는 뜻뿐만이 아니라 읽지못하는 경우에도 무조건 형광펜 표시를 하라.시간날때마다 하려고 노력하는 천성인어인데 나는 저렇게 모르는 부분에 표시를 한다. 저기서 끝내면 안되는거 알지? 의미를 꼭 확인해야 한다. 나의경우는 메이쿄사전이나 고지엔(전자사전), 혹은 일본야후를 통해 확인한다. 그리고 복습을 잊지 않는다. 다음날 보면 저게 무슨뜻이고 어떻게 읽는지 까먹거든. 모르는 단어 형광펜 체크-> 의미및 요미카타 확인 ->복습->그냥봐도 의미를 알때까지 다시보기. ​이 과정을 반복하는게 나의 단어및 독해 공부이다. 이렇게 여러번 해도 못읽거나 모르는 단어는 따로 노트에 적어둔다. 천성인어는 초급자에게 추천하지 않는다. 어려워서 좌절만 하고 공부 때려치게 된다. ​본인이 관심있는 분야의 기사를 찾아하는걸 추천(일본야후에 가서 아사히신문이든 마이니치든 검색해보길 추천) 나는 처음 소설로 공부를 했었다. 요시모토 바나나의 '키친' 그냥 무작정 일서로 구입해서 모르는 단어 동그라미 쳐서 알때까지 사전찾아 읽고 읽고 읽었다. ​ ​ 그게 요아래 사진​↓ 하도 읽고 읽어서 찢어지고 더러워 졌다. (결국 소장용으로 한권 더 삼) 지금은 다 읽을수 있는 단어인데도 처음 초급자일때는 정말 까마득했다. 거의 전페이지가 체크투성이 사실 시험공부를 위해서라면 소설보다는 기사를 추천한다. 기사에서는 시험에 출제되는 한자들을 자주 접할수 있기때문에 시험을 목적으로 한다면 기사를 읽는게 나을거 같다. 사실 이렇게 하다보면 독해공부는 별도로 할 필요가 없다. 이 자체가 독해공부이기 때문이다.​ ​ ​ ​2)교재는 여러권 사지 말고 자신에게 맞는 한권으로. ​지금은 있는지 모르겠는데 내가 처음 JLPT를 공부했을때 봤던 책은 당시 유명했던 '능시족보'였다. 난 그거외엔 교재를 사지 않았다. (단, JPT모의고사 문제집은 많이 샀다) 댓글로 나에게 교재를 추천해달라고 하는 분들이 있는데 특별한 문제집이란 없는거 같다. 각자 레벨에 맞는 교재가 분명 있기때문에 내가 모르는 상태에서 추천은 어려울 뿐더러​ 난 서점 갈일도 없어서 문제집에 관해선 전혀 모른다.​ 요즘은 교재들이 정리가 잘 되어 있기때문에 직접 서점에 가서 자기가 공부하기 편하겠다싶은거 골라라. 나같은 경우 빽빽한거 보면 공부하기 싫어지기 때문에 최대한 간결하면서 알찬(?)거 골라서 했다. 한자/문법/청해 요정도 각각 한권으로 되어있는거 사도 좋을거 같다. 단 모의문제집은 여러권 사서 풀어보는게 좋은거 같다. 특히 JPT의 경우는 방대한 양을 공부해야 하므로 모의문제집을 많이 풀어보고 또 당연히 틀린건 오답노트를 만들어야 한다. 너무 틀려서 만들 엄두가 안난다고 하면 뭐 안 틀릴 만큼 공부하는 수 밖에 오답노트는 내가 어떤 유형의 문제에서 틀리는지 파악할 수 있을 뿐만 아니라 시험전에 그거 하나 들고가서 살짝만 봐도 정말 많은 도움이 된다. 나의 경우는 열심히 만들어 놓은 오답엑기스를 분당 모 고등학교에​서 시험보고 두고왔다. 가지러 가기 귀찮아서 안가기도 했지만 엄청 아까비,,, 3)추가 정보 ​어떤 공부를 하던지 기본은 가장 중요하다. 언어에서 가장 기본은 바로 단어이다. 정말 진부하지만 단어를 많이 습득하기 위해선 많이, 자주 보는수 밖에 없다. 초급수준일때 나는 한자는 눈으로 외웠다. 가뜩이나 모르는 단어를 손으로까지 쓰려고 하니 정말 하기 싫더라. 그래서 한자를 눈으로 최대한 기억하려고 했다. 그러다 보니 부수들이 미묘하게 다른 단어에서 매번 틀리는 것이였다. 그래서 그 뒤로는 안보고 쓸수 있을정도로 직접 손으로 익히는 연습을 했다. (하기는 싫었다,,) ​시험을 코 앞에 둔 사람은 눈으로 최대한 익히는것이 도움이 될것이다. 그리고 일본어를 좀더 진득하게 하고 싶다면 직접 노트에 써봐라. 나는 아직도 천성인어를 한번씩 노트에 다 써보는 작업을 한다. 그만큼 외국어는 끊임없이 보고보고 봐야한다. 내가 말한대로 문장과 같이 단어를 익히면 독해공부도 되면서 문장에서 접속사나 조사나 문법들이 어떻게 쓰이는지 저절로 공부가 된다. 사실 이 과정만 익숙해지면 문법따로 단어따로 독해따로 할 필요가 없다. 만약 긴 문단을 매번 공부하기 벅차다면 문제집에서 나오는 짧은예문들로 연습을 해보고 양을 늘려가면 좋을거 같다. ​ 일본어 공부를 당황하지 말고 뽝​ 이것으로 나의 공부방법은 끄읏♡ (블로그에 오시면 더 많은 이야기를 읽을수 있어요)