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Well, I was really caught off guard after this scene of The Heirs' Episode 16! INTENSE! Moreover, I was trying to compare Lee Min Ho's other kiss scenes with Park Min Young in City Hunter, and Son Ye Jin in Personal Taste. Which do you think is the most heartfelt and intense one? If I am to be asked, I would go for ShinHye-MinHo. The angles were awesome and the scene itself!
Among all his kissing scenes, the best is still Heirs. LMH has his own way and class of kissing but in Heirs it was beautifully shown. The emotion was clearly enacted. He was afraid of losing his girlfriend. Although only a student he was bold enough to stand against his father but at the same time fear that his lady love will leave him forever. The culmination of before and after that made the kiss so passionate and sensual. It seemed more real than it was just requested by the script. They both put in more than 100% of their effort. I would say this particular scene will linger in our memories for a very long time. In fact if you were to watch over again it gives you goose bump cos the thought of she leaving him after that is painful. MinShin couple was awesome and magnificent. Hats off to them.
why do people complain about Park Shin Hye .. of course she holds back the kiss ... it's her role. Eun Sang wouldn't just be suddendly completly open ready for the relationship.
I love game over kiss and heirs cupboard did u know in an interview LMH said it was supposed to be an air kiss but director wanted him to go for it really and she was so surprised that she grabbed his shirt but they thought it was so good that they left it in she said she just had to stand still blimey if he kissed me like that I would feint lol can't wait for his new movie bet we have to wait for dvd and you tube clips
Personal Taste kissing scene is the best for me :)
@cottoncandypink i think the backholding of park shin hye that everybodys talking about is much more kissing than the usual "wide-eyes-open-and-can't-move" behaviour that the girls in dramas usual do :)
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