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(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Otis Redding

Otis Redding recorded a rendition of "Satisfaction" for his album Otis Blue, 1965. Otis claimed that he did not know the lyrics of the song, saying: "I use a lot of words different than the Stones' version," Redding noted. "That's because I made them up."Of that session, Steve Cropper said, "...if you ever listened to the record you can hardly understand the lyrics, right? I set down to a record player and copied down what I thought the lyrics were and I handed Otis a piece of paper and before we got through with the cut, he threw the paper on the floor and that was it." "Music writer Robert Christgau described it as an "anarchic reading" of the Stones' original. Redding's soul-style arrangement featured horns playing the main riff, as Keith Richards had originally intended. In 2003, Ronnie Wood noted that The Rolling Stones' later concert renditions of the number reflect Redding's interpretation. Lyrics: I can get no satisfaction I can get no satisfaction I have tried, I have tried I have tried, I have tried I can't get me no more, oh Lord And I can't get no more, oh Lord When I'm driving in my car And the man talks on the radio He keep tellin' me more and more About that useless information He's tryin' to mess up my imagination And I can't get me no more, oh Lord And I can't Hey, hey, hey, gotta, gotta, gotta, we gotta groove We gotta have it, gotta, we gotta have it, gotta, we gotta have it Keep on grooving, keep on grooving Keep on grooving [Incomprehensible] yeah I can get no satisfaction I can get no satisfaction I have tried, I have tried I have tried, God, I have tried, tried, tried I can't get no, oh Lord And I can't get me no, oh no Lord Best you gotta keep on movin', rollin' now Keep on rocking, rocking, baby yeah Gotta, gotta have it, you gotta Gotta won't you wait for time This little girl is tryin' to put me down I keep on walkin' 'round in my sleep Keep on messin' up any beat Keep on tryin' to find me somebody Somebody to love me, give me some reaction I cannot find nobody, oh no, nobody Give me no faction, faction, faction We gotta have it satisfaction We got to have it satisfaction Earlier in the morning want satisfaction Later in the evening want satisfaction Break it down Give it to me, let me have it Give me some, want me some Give it to me, let me have me some, faction Give it to me, faction, give me some, faction Got a satisfaction, you gotta get it, satisfaction [Incomprehensible] satisfaction, you gotta get it, satisfaction [Incomprehensible] satisfaction, you got satisfaction Give it to me, satisfaction, got to satisfy Got to satisfy, got to satisfy Gotta, gotta, gotta Gotta, gotta, gotta Gotta, gotta, gotta Gotta, gotta
i'll be impressed if any of these match up to the original
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