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The Lion's DT was stuck with another fine this past Sunday by the NFL, and this time he didn't even have to physically assault someone (surprise I know). Suh was fined $7,875 after making a throat slashing gesture to an opponent during the Lion's loss to the Bucs last weekend. Obviously chump change to an NFL player, I wonder if this most recent fine will affect how the man carries himself on the field. I'm gonna say nope. Let's look at hits Suh's wallet has taken since entering the league; 2013 Season: $139,375 in fines Previous 4 Seasons: $216,875 + 2 Game checks voided for stomping on a Packers player in 2011 Dude loves forking over his cash I guess.
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i can tell you are a baseball player. football is football. rules are turning sport in 2-hand-touch
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so you should be able to stomp on opponents legs while theyre stuck under a pile cus you lost your temper like a pre teen?
4 years ago·Reply
back in my day, you needed to paralyze someone to get fined.
4 years ago·Reply
you yuppy tweens run the sport of football and are ruining
4 years ago·Reply
ill voice your concerns at the next owners meeting I lead
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