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Jackson in 7for7 Comeback Showcase.
I hope that he has been taking care of himself lately.. I didn't want to admit it but he did not look like himself during the Showcase.
There is so much going on right now in his life, I expect the boys to be supportive and helpful to him and never let him feel alone even if he is away from them.
with all his promotions, Chinese shows and 7for7 Comeback is enough and that's not adding the Japanese tours that he won't do.. imagine if he had to do that too.. he will defenelty collapse again and have a relapse.
HE looked tired and not so happy his usual self.
And all this Antis that won't leave Him alone talking S*** about him leaving the group.. Be strong and don't let this bring you down.. you have worked so hard for what you wanted.. take all of it as strength to keep going.. so do not faint now , show them how great you are.
I'll have you in my prayers for your health to comeback to normal and for nothing to harm you in any way.

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he looks ready to fall out
I never understood why so called fans feel the need to belittle the groups they support. I wish there was something us as international fans could do for him to cheer him up.
@BabydollBre 😢😢 I know right? my poor baby😢😢
@Sarabia93 Yes he needs all the support we can give, all of them but specially him😁
yeah I know I just don't like seen him like this poor jackson :(
@HaleyHerbig totally.. I would message him giving him some motivations and support so he knows There are lots of fans that loves him no matter what.. on IG..
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