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wow!! the best episode so far... how could it get so much better... so heartbreakingly beautiful.. the sadness is killing me.. this is the best lee min ho drama that i've seen him really act so good... the crying scene was fantastic!! i can actually see the tears falling one by one... just superb... and kim tan is getting a backbone now... hahah... very determined, very precise in all his moves, very courageous... can go against his beloved father and brother for the love his life, eun sang and for his mother... and guys... i was really shouting and applauding kim tan and cha eun sang's kissing scene here, their lips are moving, even the all time disaster on kissing scenes.. park shin hye... hahah, wow... definitely a big improvement on park shin hye's side.. well maybe it's because it is LEE MIN HO... lol... don't you guys agree? love how kim tan and young do, finally taking a step slowly into becoming friends again, but i still pity young do for his one sided love for eun sang... my heart still aches.. love his acting.. and we are getting something out of rachel and lee hyo shin... hmmm... interesting... excited for ep 17... ^^ would kim tan and cha eun sang get really separated... and if ever, for how long?
nah, PSH cant kiss, makes me cringe watching her....
@Infinite1996, are you ready for ep 17?
no... i love her..... i love her acting, i love her dramas and movies but this is my observation, her only weakness... but i guess it's gone now... thanks to lee min ho... lol... she's perfect now... i don't consider this as u picking a fight, your just stating your opinion and that's fine with me... ^^
I'm not picking a fight but, @nylamrehs, do I detect a dislike for PSH?
Gamsahhabnidah, chingoo.
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