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we always love you..
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i missed you always minho..philippines..sanghae...
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hi! MINHO!.. :) i miss you too boys over flowers but, happy happy birthday too you.. then, i hope for you is more beautiful career,project's and god bless... Bro.MINHO! i wish for me is KOO HYE SUN is comeback to drama too real cauple's again but the same too boys over flower's pls... MINSUN is back too real cauple's again pls.. :)
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Lee Min Ho.. i'm i a no.1 fan's in the philippine's i love we all you show with boys over flower's,personal taste,city hunter then, this year is faith, is so beautiful acting for me bacauze you are the best actor for me and then, you are the best popular best men for me becauze you are gentlemen an then, MINHO.. pls i give me a chance or all fan's in the world KOO HYE SUN is back to drama or real cauple or lovetheme inacting drama but the same too BOF pls.. give a chance back MINSUN.. :( i miss you MINSUN... i love you and happy happy birthday too you .. :)
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and the last word's is i'm a again the no.1 fan's in the philippine's and then, i missed you alway's, MINHO.. pls give me a chance is FANSIGN in Facebook Account my name is Mae Ann Louis Navarro ...
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honey howare u today !
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