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Rick & Morty Fans Literally Protest Over McDonald's Sauce...

Okay, this is just silly.

On October 7, McDonald's re-released their 1998 Schezuan Sauce for one day only, mainly for Rick and Morty fans who wanted it after it was mentioned in the show.

But when the day came and some locations didn't have any, or didn't have enough for everyone, people got PISSED.

There were protests, people stealing food, harrassing employees, and generally causing havoc.

McDonald's apologized and its true that they didn't prepare properly for this event which sucks, but in my opinion the R&M fans took it waaaay too far.

For a really interesting article on Ricky & Morty's toxic fan culture (not all the fans!) visit VOX .
@ScientificNinja exactly what i was going to say! mod mentality is a terrifying thing, especially these days when you get people riled up on the internet and then they take that attitude and display it in real life too :( plus home made sauce would have been FINE hahaha
This generation, in a nutshell...
*is a huge Rick & Morty fan and literally watching it as I type* ...I wanna try it- 😒
how they behaved was disgusting, but tbh they should have given all the shops more than 50 packets. They obviously had a bunch of people retweeting, blogging, and having people be overly excited for this sauce.
bbq and sweet amd sour and you got it
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