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As a fan of 2ne1, I have been keeping up with their come back in between school work and a lack of being on the computer. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed Missing You from 2ne1, in a weird way. I makes me happy, and then sad. The chorus is bare and hollow, but the verses are futuristic and I am intently listening to them every time I replay the song. Every girl's voice seems to be channeling a unique feeling that varies based on when/where/how the listener is listening. It has proven to be a great backdrop to any stroll, but also a great song to sit and give my full attention to. I can't make a concrete decision about the song, other than it does call me back to it... so I guess they did something right. The only other thing that I would say is that there is not nearly enough Sandara Park in this song/video. When she first comes on screen I was speechless– she looked unreal. Honestly as if she were animated. She needed more lines in the song (not only so that we could hear her sing, as her voice is lovely) as the audience needs to see more Dara. She looked so stunning. This photo does not do her justice, but it comes close. Anyone agree?