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Eun Sang, her mom, Kim Won and Kim Tan are all present in Kangwon-do. There's a pretty lighthouse there too. Maybe, we'll get a pretty scene at the light house. There is no preview of the episode 17 up to this moment. It's been an hour already..
I can't wait any longer
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i can't wait ... young do,he the first found eun sang ... bfore kim tan...omoo... i love young do...he care for her lfirst love and bestfriend...
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omo this is aoo similar 2 scene w jandi an jihu sunbae when jandi runs away and my jihu sunbae finds her but here this is no jihu sunbae its my oppa lmh ;) <3 i miss jihu sunbae but oppa saranghhae <3
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Showing another breathtaking scenery, lighthouse sound so blissfully calmer...before the storm break thru...
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I'm dieing to know where Eun Sang and her mom were's killing me..........
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