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“I’m private Jung Ji Hoon.” Joining the army on October 11 last year, Rain, who is currently working as an entertainment soldier, hosted the Best Military Family Awards sponsored by Military Manpower Administration. On June 15 at 10:30 a.m., Rain appeared on the stage with reporter Jeon Chan Hee from Defense Agency for Public Information Services as he was to host the 2012 Best Military Family Awards, which was held at Sejong Hall at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. The Best Military Family Awards started in 2004 in order to create a social atmosphere that respects families who have successfully completed their military services from the first to the third generation. Until now, total 1363 families have received the award. At the awards, Rain calmly hosted the event without making a mistake. In the military, Rain is continuously communicating with his fans on KFN FM (96.7MHz)’s Rain and KCM’s Speeding Instinct as a DJ. He also showed his talent in emceeing on TV Chosun’s Defense Report 2012. When Rain was asked to tell his feeling about hosting the awards, he said, “I cannot answer the question because I’m not allowed to give an interview.” After prime minister Kim Hwang Sik expressed his gratitude for the families and took pictures with them, Rain closed the ceremony and left the event hall immediately. Rain will sing five songs including “Hip Song” at an opening concert of Yeosu Expo Pop Festival that will be held on June 16. Source: TV Report cr:
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