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Girl group T-ara recently released a picture, which was taken on the set for shooting their music video. T-ara, who will release their new album Day By Day on July 3, released a picture of them shooting a music video. In the picture, Hyomin and the 9th member, Dani, look like they have transformed into warriors for their SF music video. Hyomin is wearing red hair and showing off her powerful image. The newest member Dani is also transformed into a powerful girl. The music video for their song “Day By Day” is directed by Cha Eun Taek. It is about a future city in 2330. The 20 minutes video reminds people of the Korean version of the movie Mad Max. Ah Reum, the 8th member of T-ara, will join the group to perform the song but the 9th member, Dani, will only appear in the music video. Source: TV Report cr:
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