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The King's Perspective

by Sagan Kattan
There’s a story of a King
And this story is very true
Some say it’s just a rumor
Some say it’s just a ruse

They called the man King Flip
But that wasn’t really his name
His name was Filipileetus
But that’s too hard to say

King Flip had a penchant
For really expensive things
He liked anything shiny
And anything with bling

He had the nicest castle
Out of all the lands
But that didn’t stop him
From wanting one even more grand

So he bought a town called Perspective
And made the people build him a castle
At the top of their highest mountain
He didn’t care if it was a hassle

When the work was finally done
He decided to go inspect it
But when he arrived in the town of Perspective
It was exactly as he’d left it

He couldn’t find a castle
It wasn’t on the mountain
It wasn’t on the beach
It wasn’t on the mainland

He immediately grew angry
And sought his just revenge
On all those who had fooled him
On the town, his army did descend

When the people were all dead
A red cardinal then appeared
“King Flip, what have you done?
You killed good people, I do fear.”

King Flip tried to explain
That the town deserved to die
For his castle was never built
Or he would see it with his own eyes

The bird said, “But king, you merely assumed.
You didn’t even try
Look from a different perspective.
Don’t just look from your own two eyes.”

The bird then led him over to where
The castle should surely be
He then moved aside a boulder
And King Flip fell to his knees

For inside the mountain was the castle
The most magnificent one ever built
King Flip couldn’t believe his eyes
He quickly became wrecked with guilt

He had killed so many people
People he should have protected
Simply because he couldn’t see
The castle from their perspective

“Hide their bodies!” King Flip yelled.
“Hide every last one!
Put them inside the mountain.
And then close those doors for good!”

The king’s army hid the bodies
And King Flip fled the land
He went back to his old castle
And never spoke of Perspective again

Some say this story isn’t true
Some say the town never existed
But look at any map and you’ll see
There is no longer a town called Perspective.

This poem is taken from Colleen Hoover's Without Merit.
“Not every mistake deserves a consequence. Sometimes the only thing it deserves is forgiveness.” — Colleen Hoover

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I like it! =)
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