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Anime For Your Future Child

Maybe Sailor Moon
Studio Ghibli- Spirited Away/Howl's Moving Castle/ Kiki Special Delivery

When They are Older:
Rorouni kenshin
One Punch
Code Geass
Case Closed
Dear Note

Totoro, Porco Roso, Dbz, Voltron, robotech, fairytale. ;)
tengen toppa gurren laggan. *drops mic* then I'd binge watch zero no Tsukaima, then bleach. introduce them to the rest of the manga of bleach, then toradora, then aohana. then I'll mentally prepare them for the darker side of anime: higarashi and another. all in that order. I'll probably wait till later to let them watch stuff like to love ru (technically supposed to be called trouble since it's a play on engrish) and BAN interactions with kissxsis and school days ENTIRELY... or at least until they're older and feel like they fall within their parameters as an otaku. and GOD do I hope they don't turn weeaboo.. speaking of God, certainly can't forget about the melancholy of haruhi suzumia 😊
in case you didn't figure, I've already been planning the list lol
came back to note I forgot to add angel beats to the list...
one piece
Dragon Ball Z
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