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Santa's Village is a Renowned Christmas Themed Amusement Park
For more than three decades, Philip L. Wenz has been one of the few professional Santa Clauses in the world, appearing in the Dundee, Illinois amusement park Santas Village Dundee and at other events over the course of 200 or more days every year. Phillip is featured in ads, billboards, brochures, TV and radio broadcasts, and more for Santa's Village. It's clear that being Santa from Santas Village Dundee is a full-time job, as it has been for generations. The North Pole is where Santa spends the majority of his time. Santa Claus has been residing at his home for over 50 years. In Santas Village Dundee there have been hundreds of thousands of children who have visited this enchanted cottage to meet Santa. The house, which is brimming with antiques and is located near the park's center serves as a throwback symbol of the holiday spirit and hospitality of bygone eras. Offers Fantastic Deals and Discounts If you are trying to find a discount at Santa's Village, we appreciate you coming to Santa Village. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience at Santa's Village with the help of Santas Village Coupon. Santas offers fantastic deals and discounts no matter where you are or what you need, such as 25 percent off site wide, 45 percent off certain goods, or a free shipping coupon for Santa's Village. A Year-Round Christmas tree and Santa's Sleigh Full of Toys One can see and touch the frozen North Pole from the doorstep of Santas Village Dundee. Even on the hottest summer days, the Pole maintains its icy temperature. A huge key stands at the front door, ready to let guests inside and reveal the home's hidden treasures. There's a huge cobblestone fireplace inside for those cold winter nights a year-round Christmas tree and a sleigh full of presents for Santas Village Dundee Santa. Kids can sign Santa's Good Book at his desk. The ceiling is covered in ornaments, lights and gift wrap. Santa's Home will always fulfil their Greatest Fantasies Think of the excitement a kid would feel entering a home where fantasy becomes reality. As he has done since the Village first opened in 1959, Santa continues to chat and visit with guests. For kids of all ages, Santas Village Dundee House will always be the place where their wildest dreams come true. Children are Attempting to Have a Good Time Wenz is not only Santa Claus for the park, but also the official historian. In addition to playing Santa, he assists in public relations and marketing for the park. The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions presented him with the Brass Ring Award for Best Theme Park Commercial in 1994 for kids just want to have fun at Santas Village Dundee. New Attractions That Will be Available to Guests The Paintball Explosion and the Azoosment Park are two new attractions that will be available to guests during the grand reopening of Santas Village Dundee in East Illinois. These two projects are a part of the park's ongoing revitalization efforts. In addition, the Polar Dome is set up and ready for use. Massive Fields Featuring Unique Scenarios Paintball Explosion is the newest and best paintball facility in the Chicago land area. Paintball Explosion guarantees action with its seven massive fields featuring unique scenarios. We at a Zoo to You have come up with a brand new concept that we call the Azoosment Park. For children under the age of 12, this petting zoo amusement park hybrid provides an unforgettable animal encounter in addition to fun kiddie rides. Santa's Village is Holding a Contest A lost, stolen, tampered with, or counterfeit gift card or certificate is not the Sponsor's responsibility. The odds of winning are proportional to the number of valid entries received. Those who win a prize cannot give it away. There will be no exchanges or refunds for the prizes. Prize recipients are responsible for all applicable taxes, fees and requirements. Lost or unclaimed prizes will be donated to charity. Decisions Made Will Be Final and Binding in all Respects Elgin Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau shall act as the official Sweepstakes judge, and its decisions shall be final and binding in all respects. The Sweepstakes drawings shall be conducted by the judge, whose decisions shall be final and binding in all respects. Individual winners will be notified through the social networking site. If a winner is disqualified because their prize notification was returned as undelivered another winner will be chosen. Partner Municipalities Member Businesses of Santa's Village Employees of Elgin Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, participating sponsors, partner municipalities member businesses of Santas Village Dundee and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, tenants, advertising and promotional agencies and their respective officers, directors, employees and agent Sponsor and its agents and the immediate family members and those living in the same household of each are ineligible. Also check: free prints promo code Choice of Winner One winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries received a winner will be chosen at random from all eligible submissions. Participants will need to re-enter the contest for each new date. Where Applicable Other Conditions Winner releases and holds harmless Elgin Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau and all participating sponsors, stakeholders, employees, representatives and agents from any and all liability for any damages, losses, or injuries, direct or indirect, arising out of or in any way connected with the acceptance, possession use or misuse of any prize or from participation in this promotion. The Dome has a Full-Size High-Tech Arena A historic venue since its 1963 debut, the Polar Dome is a 35,000-square-foot timber-framed arena. The Santas Village Dundee Dome is home to a full-size rink with a brand-new, high-tech skating surface, stadium seating for over 700 people, and freshly updated locker rooms and restrooms. The bar restaurant can accommodate as many as 50 guests and features fireplaces, pool tables, and dining areas.
신비롭고 특이하게 생긴 보석의 종류들.jpg
이끼 마노(Moss agate)라고 하는 보석으로 보석 마노의 한 종류임. 물론 진짜 이끼가 낀 건 아니고 마노 안의 석영과 다른 혼합물들의 화학적인 결합으로 이끼가 낀 것처럼 보이는 것이라고 함. 이렇게 녹색 줄무늬만 있는 경우도 있고 붉은색, 검은색, 파란색, 노란색 등 보석 안의 화학 물질의 성분에 따라 줄무늬 색이 달라진대. 보석 안의 화학성분이 이산화망간이면 검은색, 철이 있으면 붉은 색으로 보인다는데 특징은 돌마다 함유하고 있는 화학물이 다르니까 모양이 각각 다름. 그리고 그 모양이 선명하고 아름다울때 최상급 퀄리티로 비싸게 팔림. 그리고 원석의 의미는 풍요와 번영, 건강, 창의성의 발휘 등등이라고 해서 지니고 있으면 좋다고 홍보하더라ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 근데 그런 의미가 없어도 예뻐서 가지고 싶을 것 같음ㅋㅋ 인도, 스코틀랜드, 미국(오리건 주), 브라질, 중유럽, 우루과이 등에서 채취할 수 있음 (산맥을 날아다니는 용의 모습이 보이는 이끼 마노) (구름 속의 용같은 모습의 이끼 마노) 보는 것처럼 모양이 아름답기 때문에 단순 장식용으로도 쓰이는데, 가공해서 반지, 팬던트 등의 장신구로도 많이 만듦. (반지로 가공한 이끼 마노) 요렇게 둥글둥글하게 컷해서  팔찌를 만들기도 하고 열쇠고리로도 만들고 팬던트로도 만듦. 보면볼수록 신비롭게 생겼고 자연을 담고 있는 것 같음.. 가격은 자연원석이지만 1캐럿당 100~500루피 (약 2달러~7달러) 정도 하고, 개중 퀄리티가 좋은 것들은 프리미엄이 붙어서 비싸진다고 함!
기묘하지만 '천재적인 디자인' 모음 Part3
물 위에 편안하게 뜰 수 있는 슈트 창의적인 생각을 할 수 있는 능력은 주변의 많은 것들을 변화시킬 수 있다. 좀 더 쉬운 방법으로 일처리를 가능하게 만들 수 있을 뿐만 아니라, 불가능한 일들도 해결할 수 있게 도와준다. 이전까지는 볼 수 없었던 새로운 물건을 창조할 수도 있으며, 생활의 편리를 가져다주는 편리함도 만들어 낼 수 있다. 작은 생각의 차이가 놀라운 결과를 만들어 내는 것이다. 우리 주변에는 번뜩이는 아이디어로 세상을 바꾸는 사람들이 있다. 누구도 생각지 못한 기발한 발상과 창의력 넘치는 문제 해결 방식으로 놀라운 결과를 만들어 내는 것이다. 새로움으로 가득한 창의적인 디자인은 우리 삶을 좀 더 재미있게 만들어 준다. 빨대와 결합된 칵테일 잔 망치처럼 때려서 깨트리는 저금통 물이 떨어지는 듯한 LED 조명 독특한 디자인의 주전자 자연을 보는 듯한 카펫 돌멩이를 사용하는 휴대용 체스 1인분씩 나오는 파스타 미끄럼틀로 내리는 버스 다리미가 내장된 거울 이색적인 거리의 조각상 흘러내리는 난 시계 먹을 수 있는 컵 독특한 디자인의 수저 포크 나이프 물 위를 걷는 듯한 다리 낚시를 하는 티백 거치대 쇠구슬이 굴러오는 것 같은 길 비닐봉지 같은 유리 가방 책이 딱 들어맞는다 늘어진 듯한 미러볼 충전 상태가 표시되는 케이블 손가락을 안고 있는 반지 캔 모양의 도자기 출처ㅣ아이디어래빗