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Jo Kwon’s first solo album has been perfected with the participation of the world’s best engineer. A rep from Jo Kwon’s agency Big Hit Entertainment told enews on June 15, “The top engineer in the world, Ken Lewis, chose Jo Kwon over Kanye West.” On June 14, producer Bang Si Hyuk tweeted as proof a photo of Ken Lewis’ scheduler with the caption, ‘The whiteboard of mixing engineer Ken Lewis. Do you see Kanye West’s name and Kwon’s single I’m Da One written there together? This day, Kwon became the singer that beat out Kanye.’ On the scheduler, Kanye West’s name and Jo Kwon’s agency Big Hit Entertainment were indeed listed together. Ken Lewis pushed back his schedules for Kanye West and Justin Bieber to participate in the mixing of Jo Kwon’s first album, drawing even more attention to the album itself. Lewis’ work, on June 18, and the full album will be released on June 25. (source: Congraaaats JoKwon Oppa For Your 1st SOLO ALBUM!! <3
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Did you see his performance? Amazing !!!