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The new single album will consist of two tracks titled, 'Heat' and 'Let’s Party' . Even before its release, this new single album has been gathering attention as Heat was composed and produced by B’Z,, who is considered to be a national musician in Japan. 'Heat' reportedly has addictive lyrics over an exciting beat, that′ll put it in the running for song of the summer. With this album, Kim Hyun Joong hopes to change his image into a more powerful and strong man, as previewed from the album’s cover. Following the release of the album on July 4, Kim Hyun Joong will be holding live performances at the Saitama Super Arena on July 14, where he will collaborate with Naoto Inti Raymi. On July 15, Kim Hyun Joong will host a free live performance titled, ‘Kim Hyun Joong Heat 2012 in Japan with 32,000 fans. Kim Hyun Joong recently completed a fan meeting in Guangzhou on June 1, and is preparing for another in Shanghai on June 9. (source: OMG!! +_+ Guess i know what's my New Summer Song is!! <3