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BMW I8 With Stunning Matte Black Paint And Bronze Wheels

When you are building a car, it is important for it to have that something unique. This is even more important when you are offering an expensive sports car like BMW I8. We can agree that this is one rare sight on the road and it will be pretty hard to mistake it for anything else due to its unique looks.
Even after a few years on the market, this vehicle can be characterized as one of the head-turners no matter where you spot it. It is different, sporty and futuristic, but for some, that is not enough, and we get to see customized versions from time to time. The one we have here is definitely one of the best looking out there.
The first thing that you will notice on this BMW I8 is the matte black paint job that has been done, and it very well suits this vehicle. All curves and creases are even further emphasized with this color, but that is not all. This body finish is perfectly matched with Elite design Concepts Challenged forged wheels that come in a fantastic looking Matte Bronze. At the front, we have 22×9.5-inch while at the back there are even wider 22×11.5-inch wheels.
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